IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2010-06-22

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tilmanjaeger: mmh, those files should be in nss, not in firefox00:06
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jaegertilman: hrmm, odd01:14
jaegertilman: any idea what would cause them to be in the wrong package?09:03
jaegertilman: I see some of those files in nss' footprint in /usr/lib but not /usr/lib/firefox/xulrunner09:12
jaegermaybe firefox still needs a patch to use the system's nspr/nss?09:12
jaegerhrmm... wonder if I get the same rebuilding nspr, nss, xulrunner, and firefox10:13
jaegerseems like removing and building them all from scratch results in the proper footprints but bootstrapping the ISO ports causes problems11:10
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frinnstis there really a benefit to keping them split?13:07
tilmanyou mean xulrunner and firefox?13:41
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frinnstim about to bump firefox to
frinnstalso, im removing the libnotify dependency and removing libnotify from opt (since firefox was the only reason it was in opt in the first place)16:14
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jaegeryay, the bootstrap seems to have made it into stage2 again23:38
jaegerso removing and rebuilding nspr, nss, xulrunner, and firefox sorted it out, hopefully23:38

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