IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2010-06-26

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juejaeger: I've committed some stuff to our iso.git today, related to package compression. Please have a look, maybe you have a better idea how we can solve that14:00
jaegerin 2.7, I assume14:01
jaegerthe default of -j5 might not be ideal but otherwise looks ok at a glance14:02
jaegerin pkgmk.conf14:02
jueyeah, that's just a value, the idea is that the one who build the iso should adjust that for the build host14:04
juee.g. I've set PKGMK_WORK_DIR to a ram-drive14:05
jaegerWell, it would be fine for me :)14:05
juethe other open thing is the need for a 'pkgutils#...tar.gz' package, that's really ugly14:07
jaegerhrmm, yeah, not a big fan of that14:08
jueindeed, me neither14:09
jaegerwhat about having a .xz version by default since the pkgutils on the ISO should work with both, and a .gz version as a fallback somewhere outside of the package dirs on the ISO image?14:11
jueyeah, good idea14:12
juewe can put it into the tools directory where we have unsquashfs already14:14
jaegersounds good to me :)14:15
jaegerbit less messy than mix/match14:15
jaegersetting up my 2.7 ISO build environment today14:15
teK_jaeger: have you included any new S-ATA drivers for 2.7?14:17
jaegerI haven't made any ISO changes for 2.7 yet14:18
jaegerIs there a specific one you know needs to be added?14:18
teK_I asked some friends with thinkpads14:19
teK_I'll check their mails and report back14:19
teK_adding *some* drivers should not hurt ayway14:19
teK_btw do you know why you need to probe for drivers (and the kernel is not loading them automatically)?14:20
jaegerIs the kernel smart enough to load the proper ones automatically?14:21
teK_for network etc. this works, doesn't it?14:22
teK_but gentoo for example seems to probe for the right drivers, too14:22
teK_I just don't get it as we boot from initrd anyway14:23
jaegerNot sure, I vaguely recall having trouble getting the automagic way to work14:23
jaegerI haven't revisited it recently, you're welcome to give it a try14:23
teK_making the ISO env functional took several days in the past, I'm preparing for my exams currently so this will have to wait until post 2.7 (august++) :\14:24
jaegerdoh, ok14:28
juejaeger: done, but untested15:05
jaegerman, building 2.7 ports with a 2.6 system is a bit rough :)15:06
jaegerjue: cool15:06
juejaeger: I'd suggest to use the packages I've prepared15:06
jaegergood idea15:07
jaegercan you relink? I don't recall the url15:07
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