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juefrinnst: it's not necessary to commit the same stuff to both branches, it's easy to merge them from time to time06:17
frinnsti know, but o forgot the command. it would take less time to just commit it twice than look it up :P06:19
tilmanmerge changes from 2.6 to 2.7:    git checkout 2.7 && git pull 2.6 .06:20
tilmanplease verify the result before pushing ;D06:20
juealmost, it's git pull . 2.606:20
tilmanoops :p06:21
juetilman: you've seen the security update 1.2.44 for libpng?06:29
juelooks serious06:30
tilmanjue: done, thanks06:39
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frinnstis 1.4 going into 2.7?06:58
jaegerWhat's keeping us from doing dual 32- and 64-bit official releases, anyway?13:04
teK_man power, if there's anything13:04
jaegerfair enough13:05
tilmanyes, that's it13:05
jaegerI'd be willing to put some time into building 64-bit ISOs13:06
tilmanit sucks that we cannot decide on 'pure' or multilib13:06
teK_me too, if this falls in the time after August13:06
jaegerWell, I like the suggestion of having official pure and some kind of overlay or additional packages available for multilib13:07
jaegerthat way everyone has an option13:07
jaegerAnd it's far easier to go that way than the other direction13:07
teK_maybe this should be discussed via wiki/ML for documentational purposes13:08
jaegercouldn't hurt13:09
teK_yeah because this was discussed several times via IRC13:09
jaegerIs anyone actively merging changes from core/opt/xorg into their 64-bit counterparts?13:13
teK_ports/opt-x86_64.git EXPERIMENTAL opt ports for ... CRUX Ports Team 13 days ago summary  | shortlog  | log  | tree13:14
teK_ports/opt.git CRUX opt ports CRUX Ports Team 5 hours ago summary | shortlog | log | tree13:14
teK_paste #fail13:14
teK_13days vs. 5hours13:14
jaegerfail, perhaps, but answers the question :)13:15
teK_a notification, that some 32bit part of a 64bit port changed should be fairly easy to set up13:15
teK_+ usually 32bit maintainer == 64bit maintainer if that stuff gets official13:16
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teK_there are exactly 28 64bit-specific ports but I don't know if all ports from opt are covered. contrib should be prepared, too (even though oOo was the only 'broken' I encountered)13:19
jaegerare all ports duplicated in 64-bit or just those with changes?13:19
jaegerI could go look and not be lazy13:19
teK_the latter13:19
jaegerlooks like yeah, that13:20
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teK_yes, frinnst rocks :)13:22
teK_holy crap13:25
teK_2008-06-20 Tilman Sauerbeck Initial commit. (opt-x86_64)13:25
teK_we missed the two years anniversaty13:25
frinnstwow, really been 2 years?13:35
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jaegerlooks like LVM 2.02.66 is gone21:00
jaegerlibdevmapper probably needs to be bumped like lvm221:00
jaegerto .6821:01
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