IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2010-06-29

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pitilloa large moment01:01
jaegerhow is the version of libdevmapper determined from the LVM source?08:36
jaegerah, the VERSION_DM file?08:38
jaegercd ..08:38
jaegerargh, focus08:38
jaegerbumping the LVM2 source to 2.02.68 and the libdevmapper version to 1.02.50 fixes libdevmapper in 2.708:40
jaegeron a side note, what's with the passive-aggressive douchebaggery on the mailing list? jesus08:42
jaegerThat's the kind of thing that makes it LESS likely that people will take your shit seriously08:42
jaeger@seen #crux romster08:50
clbjaeger: romster was last seen in #crux 5 days, 22 hours, 41 minutes, and 54 seconds ago: <Romster> so i haven't tried the default in a while.08:50
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juejaeger: sorry, forgot to merge core 2.6 to 2.7, the libdevmapper update is already in our 2.6 branch09:53
juewill do it now ;)09:54
jaegerok :)09:54
juethank you, looks like you are preparing a 2.7 build?09:57
jaegeryes :)09:57
juenice :)09:58
jaegerIt's going pretty well, mostly. the libpng update caused some work but I expected that09:58
juethe only "critical" stuff not in the tree right now is libjpeg, but I guess tilman will do the update soon09:59
jaegerok, I'll keep an eye out for that09:59
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tilmanupdate schmupdate13:12
tilmanjue, jaeger: i just pushed the jpeg update to opt/2.713:33
jaegerok, cool14:54
jaegermy build environment is doing xorg now, will update that after it finishes14:55
jaegeralready done with core/opt14:55
tilmancool, please let me know whether xorg is giving problems14:56
tilmanthe crpload of font changes might introduce a problem or two ;)14:57
jaegerI'll let you know, just started it a bit ago15:04
jaegerxorg-xcb-proto seems to still have python 2.6 in its .footprint18:51
jaegerotherwise things are looking ok18:51
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