IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2010-07-06

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pitillohello good morning06:02
pitillois it a good practice to sed sources to don't build locales in ports?06:02
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tilmanpitillo: i think that's okay11:49
tilmanpitillo: why are you asking?11:49
tilmanpitillo: i don't understand your comment about freeglut 2.6.0. you wrote "New dependency building without the patch provided in older version: xorg-libxi." -- please explain11:52
juetilman: hi, is there anything left to do before a test1 release12:05
tilmani think i'm done with my changes12:05
jueokay, already looked at setup-helper?12:08
tilmani see it will remove glitz12:10
tilmanthat will likely cause la file headaches12:10
juehmm, right12:12
tilmanwe could add a script that will do sed magic and remove the references to  glitz.la12:12
jueor the user had to gebuild most/all of the gtk apps12:12
juewell, it's not realy uglier than the libjpeg/libpng update12:16
juebtw, I've added a rough draft of our 2.7 release notes, help is urgent needed with that ;)12:21
tilmanwhere is it?12:22
tilmani'll handle pkgutils and xorg12:23
jueplease feel free to correct/improve my weak english at all ;)12:25
jueback to the glitz issue, I addressed the relase-note thing because I think that a proper docu of all the problems might help the users12:29
tilmanyes, definitely12:29
juebut keeping glitz installed might be an option as well12:30
tilmanwe should add a link to a script that will fix the la files12:30
tilmanjue: yes, but then we will keep it around forever12:30
jueindeed, the idea with the script sounds more reasonable12:31
juebut at all there's no reason to delay a test1?12:37
tilmani cannot think of a reason to delay it :)12:38
jueokay, so we may ask jaeger to do one ;)12:40
juejaeger: I've everything prepared to do a build by myself, but I'd prefer if you can do that12:47
juejaeger: never looked close at the initramfs stuff12:48
juejaeger: but let me know if you have no time to do it12:50
tilmancool, python 2.7 has just been released12:56
tilmanoh, the port is up to date already12:57
tilmannice :)12:57
pitillohello tilman, my question was only curiosity. Good to know, thank you12:58
pitilloand about freeglut, I haven't checked if libxi is a dep of the current version, I checked the newer one (2.6.0) and saw that it need it, only that12:58
tilmanah,i get it now12:58
tilmanpitillo: thanks13:00
pitilloto you too13:00
jaegerjue: I'm happy to do it, will update my local copy13:04
juejaeger: great, many thanks13:06
jaegerno problem at all :)13:13
jaegerbootstrap started13:19
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