IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2010-07-07

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jaegerheh, -test1 fails because setup hasn't been updated to look for anything but *.pkg.tar.gz yet10:12
jaegersetup-helper will need a tweak as well10:41
tilmancan we just s/tar.gz/tar.xz/ ?10:42
tilmanor is the pkgutils package still gz-compressed?10:42
jaegerI was thinking of something more generic,
jaegerbut if we plan to always use .xz it would be that simple10:44
tilmandoes this work though?  sed 's/.pkg.tar.*//g'10:45
tilmanmmh, i guess it does10:45
jaegeryes, just tested it10:45
jaegerchecking linking now10:46
jaegerlinking is ok10:51
jaeger <-- -test1 ISO10:51
jaeger /etc/ports/*.rsync still refer to 2.610:52
jaegerpretty good package compression, only a 222M ISO this time11:00
jaegeras opposed to ~280M11:00
tilmani just fixed the rsync files11:05
jaegerhas contrib 2.7 been created yet?11:06
tilmanoh, no12:19
tilmanbut i'm hopeful that someone will do it :P12:20
jaegertilman: I haven't tested an upgrade yet with -test1, just a fresh install, but that worked14:38
frinnsthow does the test-iso handle usb drives?15:48
jaegerI didn't test that specifically but that functionality hasn't changed, really15:57
jaegercan either use the ISO with unetbootin or use an image created by script15:57
tilmani think i'll give test1 a spin in virtualbox tomorrow15:57
tilmanjaeger: thank you15:57
jaegerok, let me know if you run into any problems15:58
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