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pitillohello good morning03:18
pitillohas someone tried to update contrib 2.7 ports?03:19
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pitillono way to boot from usb stick03:51
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pitilloummm installed under vbox only the core collection, depinstalled xorg and blackbox, and I'm getting problems to start the Xserver06:07
pitillomaking more tests here (let's see with openbox)06:14
pitilloseems the problem is related to blackbox, with openbox I can see X starting but frezzes, I'm trying to check logs06:43
pitillosome strange ${prefix}/usr logs in xorg related to fonts I think06:50
pitillomay be the Xorg problems are related to vbox06:51
jaegerpitillo: I didn't build a -test1 usb image but the ISO should be usable with unetbootin08:24
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juejaeger: just did an update but found a small bug in setup09:25
jueit's in function select_packages in line 131, 132 and 13309:26
juethe problem is the sed call, we cannot use a '*' wildcard because it deletes too much from the string09:29
jueI've used  -> sed 's/.pkg.tar.[^ ]*/ /g'09:30
jaegerok, makes sense09:36
jaegermy sed-fu is weaker than yours, what does [^ ] do?09:37
jueit's everything but a blank09:38
jaegerI think I was reading it wrong, [^ ]* is all one piece, not [^ ] and * separately?09:39
jueyes, exactly09:39
jueit means 0 or more of everything but a blank09:40
jaegergot it, thanks :)09:40
jaegerAnything else wrong or should I make a new iso with that fix?09:40
juefind nothing else besides that, seems to work fine09:41
juenot tested the fresh install, though09:42
juejaeger: sorry, I've just ignored setup09:44
jaegerwhat do you mean?09:44
juewell, all the fixes for setup you've done09:45
jaegernot a problem, still easy to put in that fix09:46
jaegerlooks like I need to add it to another line09:46
jaegerin get_missing_Deps09:46
jaegerer _d09:46
jaegerand another in select_packages09:47
jaegerwow, I must have totally spaced out when I tweaked setup originally09:47
jaegermind taking a look at setup.diff and see if I've missed/broken something?09:49
jaeger if you need the link09:49
juelooks good09:54
jaegerok, thanks09:56
jaegerreuploaded with fix09:57
juewill try it again, downloading now09:59
jaegerI can set up an rsync endpoint if that would save you time10:00
juethanks, but too late, already overwritten the old image10:02
jaegerah, ok10:03
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thrice`sorry, my network died at work :>10:31
juewell, the setup-helper/nfs-utils idea will not work10:32
jueif nfs-utils is installed setup will do the update per default and pulls in all new deps10:33
jueafter that setup-helper removes nfs-utils but keeps the depoendencies10:34
juenot really what we want ;)10:34
jueTBH, I've no idea how we can solve that without doing special things10:35
thrice`oh, right, I forgot helper got run afterwards10:36
jueprobably it's best if we do nothing and the user has to unmark nfs-utils if he don't want the update10:37
thrice`on a related note, I used something like this for my png update:  .  if someone has some 'dirty' .la files yet and can maybe improve on that, it might help save some headaches10:37
jueIIRC tilman want a link to something like that on our release-notes page10:39
jueanyway, opinions wrt nfs-utils?10:40
thrice`I actually don't use nfs myself :(  I just was trying to clarify the mention in the release notes, because it wasn't really clear to me10:41
thrice`the safest thing would seem to be to ignore + leave it up to the user, but that would require some 'special' tricks too10:41
juethe only thing I'd put in setup-helper is to remove portmap and install rpcbind if nfs-utils is installed10:43
thrice`to unselect nfs-utils from the list of things to update (or am I mis-understanding)10:43
juesetup shows such a list10:44
thrice`but, setup won't check dependencies on an upgrade, will it?10:45
juesure, it will10:46
thrice`oh, sorry; in get_missing_deps  :>10:46
juejaeger: ?10:48
thrice`so, just do the upgrade like normal, greating an /etc/exports backup still sounds nice.  the new packages get injected, the rpcbind replacement is done - sounds good overall :>10:48
jaegerI don't have a strong opinion on it, I rarely use NFS10:49
juethrice`: we don't need the backup if we don't remove nfs-utils10:50
jueok, I'll do it so10:52
thrice`I'll change the release notes that I just hacked up :>10:52
thrice`"NFSv4 support has been added to nfs-utils. This requires a couple of new libraries (libevent, libtirpc, libnfsidmap), and portmap has to be replaced by rpcbind. We have moved the entire NFS stack to opt, which is still shipped with the ISO.  Setup will handle the upgrade and new dependencies automatically."  sound OK?10:55
juejaeger: new setup-helper committed10:59
juejaeger: do we want a new test1 ? ;)10:59
jaegereasy enough, though it'll be a few minutes. setting up some interns at work11:00
jueit's not a big issue, we can handle that as known-bugs as well11:00
juebut oc a new image would be better11:01
thrice`ok, the last thing I noticed in 2.7, is that opt/poppler might be a nice update, since it has a .so bump too (0.12.3 -> 0.14.1) :)  maybe not a big deal, since not too much links against it11:01
thrice`I tried updating the handbook, which I think is mostly complete (though a read-through from someone might be nice :> )11:04
jueapropos handbook, the table in section 3.1 is most likely not up-to-date11:07
thrice`I was also curious about the booting from floppy portion.  wasn't sure a kernel can fit these days :>11:08
jaegerI haven't tested that but it probably won't11:09
jaegernew test1 is uploaded11:11
juecool, rsync'able?11:13
jaegerI will add an endpoint for it, just a sec :)11:13
juedone in a few seconds :)11:18
jaegerI use rsync over ssh to upload the new ones, always pretty quick11:18
juetesting it now, bbl11:28
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jaegerI'll review section 3.1 of the handbook and come up with a better list12:37
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juehrr, I was wrong, dependency checking is only done for install, not for update12:54
juebut aside from that update works flawless for me12:57
thrice`if ACTION!=INSTALL, return 0  :)12:57
jaegerI think we made setup-helper handle that in the past12:57
jaegerbut I didn't remember that when you mentioned it earlier, sorry12:57
jueyeah, I've added the deps via setup-helper/inject_packages12:58
jaegernp :)13:10
jaegerI'm gone for the weekend, will be back home sunday evening.. take care :)15:01
juebye, have a nice weekend :)15:03
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