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sepenjaeger, test1 worked fine here, just I tried a core installation from a pendrive06:57
sepenmy make_usbdisk script worked fine too and I updated it
sepenjaeger, just only one thing, could you change the motd message inside the squashfs file?06:59
sepennah', something like s/CD/Installation Media/06:59
sepenI'll be back later, or at night07:00
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pitillogreat, I made something bad to get it working with test1 then07:44
jaegerpitillo: what do you mean?09:02
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pitillojaeger: I used sepen's script to build the usbstick too, but here it stoped looking for the media at boot process10:59
jaegerdid it try all the right devices or did it miss some?11:04
jaegerI will probably remove my buildimage script and usb image stuff from the makefile since sepen's works fine as well11:05
pitilloI don't remember so good, it was last week. I think I have the stick here, I will try to test it again in a laptop and look if it missed some11:06
jaegerok, let me know what you find out11:07
jaegerI've tested -test2 with sepen's script and it seems fine so far11:09
tilman-test2 includes the btrfs stuff?11:11
jaegeryes, but I haven't tested btrfs yet, going to do that soon11:12
jaegerI did notice it shows up as orphaned when running checkportstree, I'll look into that11:13
tilmanwhat does? btrfs-progs?11:13
jaegeryeah, sorry, should have been more specific11:15
tilmani'll give test2 a spin. thanks :)11:16
tilmanis it on or did you want to do further tests before making it available?11:17
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juejaeger: we've changed the core collection, you have to rebuild packages.all12:06
jueteK_: btw, tig 0.16 is out12:14
teK_must have missed that, thanks.12:16
jaegertilman: I couldn't boot the usb image on a t400 here, gonna try it again on different hardware12:53
jaegerit boots fine on my netbook but I don't want to format that12:54
jaegerjue: ok, thanks12:54
jaegerthis is odd... it won't boot on the lenovo t400 or the hp dc7900 hardware we have but it does boot on my eeepc13:03
jaegerI need to test something else, maybe my workstation13:03
jaegerman, it  won't boot on anything now except my netbook, wonder if my usb stick is dying13:11
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jaegerboots in virtualbox, heh13:45
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juejaeger: just tried it with my desktop, works for me13:52
juebuilt the image with sepen's script13:52
jaegerI think my usb stick is going bad, thanks for testing13:54
jueteK_: ATM I'd suggest to commit everything to 2.6 and merge the changes to 2.7 (oc only stuff that belongs to both branches)14:16
juewe have to be a bit strict, otherwise we will get strange commits with the merges14:18
tilmanjaeger: can you upload the test2 iso then?14:19
jaegersure, just rebuilding it with a clean kernel and packages.all, will be a few minutes14:47
jaegerDo either of you have any objection to me removing my usb image stuff from the Makefile and just using sepen's script to build an official usb image with the 2.7 release ISO?14:48
tilmanno, use what works best14:49
jaegerthey both work but sepen's method is less complicated and I don't really like having make call an external script for mine, anyway14:49
jaegerI'm also going to remove my checkdups script, checkportstree does more15:03
jaegerok, uploading now, sorry for the delay15:08
jaegerIf we do end up making an official usb image as well as iso, we should add it to the documentation as well at some point15:10
jaegerrsync decided to take the slow route uploading this time around15:21
jaegerok, -test2 iso is done uploading. the usb image isn't done yet15:38
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tilmanshould we add a dummy entry for btrfs to the default /etc/fstab?15:54
tilmanor do we leave btrfs support undocumented?15:54
jaegeris it as official as the others yet? xfs, jfs, ext3, etc.?15:58
jaegerIf so we might as well add it15:58
tilmani think we could go with a single sentence in the handbook:15:59
tilman"btrfs-progs is available, the iso's kernel can handle btrfs. have fun shooting yourself in the foot."15:59
tilmanoh, that's two sentences15:59
jaegerit was a good effort16:01
frinnstmaybe put that in the fstab so ppl really will see it?16:11
tilmani'm trying to find reasons to not touch fstab dude :]16:11
tilmanmkfs.btrfs prints a fat ugly warning btw16:12
tilmanthat should be scary enough :)16:12
pitillosorry for breaking the talk, same result here (thinkpad r51) with sepen's last script and the same test1 image (the first one). Last test was on hp dc5100 if I remember correctly. I'll check it tomorrow with the test2 iso16:15
tilmando i just dd the usbdisk.img to my thumb drive?16:26
tilmanjaeger: can you please create and md5sum file for the usb image, too?16:26
jaegerI just did, it's done uploading now16:27
jaegertilman: and yes, dd16:27
frinnstwhere are the test2 images?16:56
jaegerrsync:// or
frinnstill give it a spin tomorrow16:57
frinnstnice pipe on what is it?16:58
frinnst10mb/s \o/16:58
tilmanwhat pipe are _you_ on?16:59
tilman100 mbit/s?16:59
frinnstofcourse. isnt everybody? :D17:00
jaegerit's on an OC3, unless they've upgraded since I quit working there17:01
jaegereven better if you have internet2 access17:01
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jaegerok, the btrfs stuff seems ok on my workstation at home18:14
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