IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2010-07-15

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jaegerI named my btrfs test VM butterface, hehe09:09
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pitillojaeger: the usb stick is working with the last iso from the pre-releases dir and sepen's script (the first so I downloaded stoped trying to find the media on hdc, with this is working great)12:42
pitillo*the first iso I...12:42
tilmanjaeger: at work i tried to install test2 in a vm. also with btrfs. but i couldn't get lilo working. "cannot map files from device 0x000e" or something12:44
tilmani had a single large partition (8 GB), but i don't think that should be a problem these days...12:44
jaegertilman: I ran into that before lunch as well, just got back and haven't researched it yet13:12
frinnsti just did an upgrade on my eeepc: test2 usb-stick15:15
frinnstworked like a charm15:15
jaegerfrinnst: great :)15:17
jaegeron a side note, what's the difference between /usr/lib/pkgconfig and /usr/share/pkgconfig?15:18
tilmanlib is for architecture-dependent stuff15:55
tilmanshare for ~-independent stuff15:56
tilmani think shared-mime-info uses the latter, since it's all xml files15:56
jaegerhrmm, ok16:18
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