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jaegerI just noticed this:09:31
jaegercc -static -static -static -static -static -static -static -static -static -static -static -static -static -static -static -static -static -static -static -static -static -static -static -static -static -static -static -static -static -static -static -static unsquashfs.o unsquash-1.o unsquash-2.o unsquash-3.o unsquash-4.o swap.o -lz -lpthread -lm -o unsquashfs09:31
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sepenjaeger, cool! I saw your fixes for make_usbdisk and installation-media ;D12:13
sepenand now downloading test2 from morpheus12:13
jaegersepen: I hadn't even had a chance to tell you about my make_usbdisk patch yet, hehe12:47
jaegeronly a couple small tweaks12:47
sepenyeah, my bad english too ;D12:47
jaegerYour english is better than some native speakers'12:48
sepenseriously I don't think that12:48
tilmanjaeger: they are making really sure it's a static build ;)13:40
jaegerI'll fix it locally, just haven't bothered yet13:40
jaegerlooking into updating the net installer today13:40
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jaegerI think I may also do some other makefile cleanup so that it doesn't make the squashfs target every time you make the iso target13:50
jaegerwould then require something like make squashfs-clean to remove and rebuild but I think it'll be nicer and more consistent that way13:50
sepenjaeger, here using test2 to update a 2.6 box, for now it seems fine14:50
jaegergreat :)14:52
sepenI'll do more tests later, bbl14:54
jaegerthanks :)14:54
sepennp, thanks to you guy for the job14:54
sepenit would be interesting to have a netinst usb image too14:55
sepenwell later14:56
jaegerit should work well from usb, too14:56
jaegertake care14:56
jaegerman, sometimes I don't get make15:08
jaegerit wants to always remake this target that it should NOT need to remake15:09
jaeger"Prerequisite `kernel' of target `squashfs/crux.squashfs' does not exist." <-- this might be it but I can't figure out why it says that doesn't exist15:13
jaegergetting closer. it's the 'kernel' target that forces the 'squashfs' target to be remade15:21
jaegerinteresting... this works:15:27
jaegersquashfs/crux.squashfs: kernel/linux-$(KERNEL_VERSION)/arch/x86/boot/bzImage busybox15:27
jaegerthis doesn't:15:27
jaegersquashfs/crux.squashfs: kernel busybox15:27
jaegerthe kernel target looks like this:15:27
jaegerkernel: kernel/linux-$(KERNEL_VERSION)/arch/x86/boot/bzImage15:27
jaegerI do not get why make hates the 'kernel' target so much15:28
tilmanthe 'kernel' target will always be remade15:29
tilmanbecause it's a phony target15:29
tilmani think15:29
tilman90% sure ;)15:29
jaegerso is busybox15:29
tilmantry removing 'kernel' from the list of phony targets15:30
jaegerI thought that as well15:30
jaegeroh, wait15:30
jaegeryou mean it's actually defined in .PHONY15:30
jaegerI never knew what the hell that was for until now15:31
jaegerthat seems to be it15:33
jaegeryeah, already read it =)15:33
jaegeras soon as you said phony I was googling15:33
jaegerI don't think kernel and kernel-clean need to be phony15:34
tilmankernel-clean can/should be phony15:34
tilmankernel-distclean can/should be, too.15:34
jaegerI guess to skip the implicit search and get some performance15:34
jaegerno other gain unless I'm reading wrong15:34
jaegerprobably all the -clean and -distclean ones can?15:35
tilmanprobably, yeah15:35
tilmandebugging make targets suck15:35
tilmanlooking through 'make -d' output :(15:35
jaegeryeah :(15:36
jaeger for reference'15:37
jaegerit's solved now but that's what I was digging through15:37
jaegerthanks for the tip on the phony targets, I'd never have thought to look into that15:38
jaegerI don't think iso strictly needs to be phony, now15:39
jaegerif its subtargets don't need rebuilding, the iso shouldn't have changed15:39
jaegerhrmm, the iso target is a lot more complicated to single out16:11
jaegereven so, I think what I've got so far is an improvement16:12
jaeger for reference16:14
jaegersome of it might be a bit over-abstracted but it seemed more consistent16:14
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