IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2010-07-19

jaegertilman: the "Trying to map files from unnamed device" error seems to simply be btrfs and lilo being incompatible at this time09:48
jaegerputting /boot on something else (ext2 in my test) fixed it10:05
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frinnsttilman: freetype upgrade?11:54
frinnsti believe i can see a difference with bytecode enabled11:54
frinnstbut i have had a few beers11:54
tilmanjaeger: that seems silly. i thought lilo was filesystem-agnostic :(12:12
tilmanfrinnst: i certainly don't see a difference with bitstream vera12:12
frinnsti guess its the beers then :)12:13
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jaegertilman: I thought so as well, apparently not12:28
jaegertilman: at least that's what my google searching indicated, though I'll admit I didn't spend a long time on it12:29
frinnsti still think i see some difference with some fonts12:37
frinnstbut i guess its just my imagination12:37
jaegerbeer goggles12:37
tilmanjaeger: mpf :( (comment 1, second paragraph)14:42
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