IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2010-07-22

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jueFWIW, just installed 2.7 on my shiny new netbook, no problems :)04:23
pitillogreat, which netbook jue? (just curiosity)05:48
jueit's a Samsung N220-Marvel06:26
pitilloummm seems nice, and samsung... good display sure06:32
juethe keyboard is good as well, at all the housing looks pretty rugged06:40
pitilloyes, at least at pics they give a "clean" case aspect, and tiny but confortable keyboard (looks great too at pics)06:42
pitillohere I'm waiting to see a new toshiba netbook (tegra2 based) but I smell that it will be so expensive vs actual atoms too06:43
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jaegerI wonder what my netbook is worth these days, I hardly ever use it now08:21
jaegerooh, my SSD is on sale for US$139 now08:22
jaegerUS$119 with MIR08:22
jaegertilman: you might have already seen it but I just stumbled across
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sepenwhat do you think about the flash plugin improvements?11:55
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tilmanjaeger: i still don't have a browser on this machine. if that link is what i think it is, then you need to be aware of the fact that ocz's disks have a different erase block size than the intel ones (512 or 256KB vs 128 KB)15:19
jaegertilman: that's part of it but there's general info as well15:22
jaegersome of it might be helpful, some not15:22
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