IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2010-07-24

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tilmanjaeger: can you please build another iso with the latest 2.7 ports? i fixed the bad font path in xorg, and i think we can dare calling the next image an RC13:14
jaegersure, I'll start it this afternoon; I'm currently at work since our expensive-ass firewall shat itself spectacularly today13:16
juejaeger: please bump the kernel to .1 and don't forget to update the docs13:17
jaegerdo I need to do anything manuall to the docs or just re-pull them from the wiki?13:17
jueno, just re-pull them13:18
jaegerok, will do13:18
juehmm, there's one open point in our release-notes13:20
juewe should say something about 'image suitable for USB thumbdrives'13:21
juemost user-friendly would be to offer such a image from our mirrors?13:24
jueor what's our policy here?13:24
juebtw, I've used sepen's script to convert the iso, works flawless13:25
jaegerI would like to offer one from our mirrors13:26
jaegercreated by sepen's script after the release ISO is made13:26
jaegerand call it official13:26
jueyep, that's fine for me13:27
juetilman: ?13:27
juewell, I've written something to the release notes13:40
juejaeger: may I ask you to have a look at it?13:42
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jaegersorry, was driving home. certainly can take a look13:56
jaegerI see it in the "Image" section is there any other section I should check?13:59
jaegernm, pretty short release notes14:00
jaegerthe only thing I'd change is s/a image/an image/14:00
juejaeger: thanks14:04
tilmanhaving an official usb image would be great14:05
jaegerI guess we should ask sepen if he objects to that but I doubt he will14:11
jaegerooh, we should also s/compress/compressed/ in this line: pkgutils can read packages that have been compress with bzip2 and xz in addition to gzip14:14
jaegerlooks good :)14:26
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