IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2010-07-28

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juejaeger: rc1 works flawless for me, at least for the update I've done08:52
juebooting via usbstick works too08:53
jaegerawesome :)08:53
jueyeah :)08:53
juetilman: if rc1 works for you too, please make a ann to the crux ML08:56
juebtw, I've done some tests with make 3.82 today, from our core-ports building of glibc and procps is broken with it08:58
juebut that has to be expected after reading their NEWS08:59
juemake/NEWS ->
juejaeger: sorry, forgot to ask, rc1 works for you as well?09:06
jaegerI didn't get a chance to test it last night, going to today if work slows down a bit09:08
jaegerthat's a lot of backward incompatibility notes09:09
jueyeah, indeed09:10
jueleaving now, bbl09:10
jaegertake care09:10
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