IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2010-08-03

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frinnstglibc 2.12.112:34
jueyep, saw it too12:36
jueno sure if we want it, though12:36
jueif we do the update, we have to do all the test etc. again ;)12:37
juetilman: ping12:37
tilmani'm leaning towards upgrading12:40
tilmani still didn't get to test rc1, so i didn't announce it yet either12:41
tilman-> we could still do the update ;>12:41
juetilman: you remember that I'm away for 3 weeks beginning next week13:03
juebut I can do the update tomorrow13:04
jueI've running gcc 4.5.1 today with no issues13:04
tilmanyeah, it's working for me, too13:05
jueprima, let's commit it ;)13:06
tilmanokay, let me do another build to get the proper footprint13:08
juetilman: btw, I saw that you have updated libarchive in 2.7 only, does that mean that we stopped support for 2.6 core?13:09
tilmanthere were only minor changes done in libarchive13:09
tilmanand since a libarchive bump requires a pkgutils rebuild to become fully active i figured we could omit doing it in late 2.613:10
jueok, make sense. I'm asking because we have pending updates for sudo and autoconf13:11
juetilman: please remove the stale patch form gcc13:14
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