IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2010-08-05

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juetilman: ping11:22
tilmanjue: pong12:51
juetilman: hi, did a full bootstrap with glibc 2.12 last night and run into some troubles12:55
juebut nothing serious12:55
tilmanre. the pkgutils problem -- are you saying that a pkgadd built against 2.12 also runs on 2.12?12:56
jueno, it's always the same error message even if I run a pkgadd compiled with 2.11 on the 2.12 system12:57
tilmanso built-on-2.12 also fails on 2.12?12:58
jueI've issues with the following:12:58
jueppp, m4, lvm2/libdevmapper and wvdial12:59
tilmanwhat's the problem exactly? build errors or runtime errors?12:59
tilmanis this the same problem as with pkgutils? ie assertion failure in getpagesize()?12:59
jueno, thats different things, wvdial need an additional include13:00
juelvm.static won't build because of a -Wl,--export-dynamic13:01
juesame for dmsetup.static13:01
jueppp is a problem with 2.6.35 kernel headers13:02
tilmansweet :|13:03
jueand m4 has a undefined reference to `S_ISDIR' ;)13:03
tilmanie missing include,t oo13:04
tilmanback in 513:04
jueyeah, well, I've solved already wvdial and are at lvm2/libdevmapper ATM13:04
juebut without pkgutils ...13:05
jues/without/without a fix for/13:10
tilmando you have an iso with glibc 2.12?13:18
tilman(that has a working gcc so i can debug the problem?)13:19
juesorry, no13:21
juebut it should work if you just update glibc to 2.1213:22
juebut build a non-static pkgadd before ;)13:23
jueI can upload a glibc package if you want13:23
tilmanbuilding glibc alone isn't a problem13:28
tilmani'll try to debug this issue over the weekend13:29
juenot sure how to proceed at all13:32
tilmanlet me give it a try over the weekend13:34
tilmanif i cannot figure it out, let's release with glibc 2.1113:34
jueI'll add the glibc 2.12.1 port to my privat repo13:38
juethe other stuff as well, probably lvm2, libdevmapper and wvdial13:39
juehmm, running in another problem with lvm2 now, linker cannot find a static lib14:18
juestrange, the same works with 2.1114:19
juethat was it for today, bye14:24
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