IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2010-08-08

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tilmanbooted test2 on my i945 laptop08:27
tilmanthe console doesn't show the cursor08:27
tilmananyone else seen that?08:27
jaegernot so far, hrmm08:29
tilmanKMS isn't enabled in the live system on the iso, is it?08:31
jaegerI doubt it, I've never even tried to enable it08:31
jaegerdoes it change if you use the fb console or not?08:34
tilmanwill try08:39
tilmanmy laptop sucks08:40
tilmanfan is noisy as crap08:40
jaegerdoh, hate that08:45
tilmani'll let you know about the framebuffer stuff later08:46
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tilmani cannot reproduce jue's glibc 2.12 problem09:15
tilmanaha, now i can09:19
jaegerwhat's the problem? I haven't followed this one closely09:24
tilmanthe upgrade to glibc 2.12 breaks pkgutils09:25
tilmanin a static build09:25
jaegerah, ouch09:25
tilmanit has been reported to upstream, but nobody could reproduce09:26
tilmanthat guy is on freenode too. let's see .. :)09:26
tilmani guess we can just back out that patch09:34
jaegerworth a try, I suppose09:34
tilmanftr, there is no AT_PAGESZ elf marker in my binary09:35
jaegerThat's a bit too technical for me09:43
tilmanditto ;)09:43
tilmanthere's a bug in the test program09:44
tilmaneven though i'm on a 32 bit sstem, the first #if __WORD_BLAH==32 doesn't evaluate as true09:44
tilmanso i end up using the 64 bit version of the struct09:45
tilman-> strange output ;)09:45
tilmanboth dynamically and statically linked binaries _do_ have the AT_PAGESZ stored in them09:45
tilmanat it's 4K, as is expected09:45
tilmanno idea what that means though ;>09:45
tilmani guess that value should be slurped into the variable that glibc reads out in getpagesize()09:46
tilmanoh, indeed09:46
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