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tilmanjaeger: fyi, i just switched the iso to 2.6.35. would you mind running another build? glibc 2.12 is now also in01:56
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jaegertilman: sure, will do it today08:18
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sependid someone tried test2 with btrfs + lilo? didn't work here, any ideas?09:56
sepenand on the other hand, these btrfs lines in fstab would be nice to have for 2.7
frinnsthaving it in fstab "encourages" users to use it. thats a bad thing (for now) :)11:14
sepenand btrfs-progs in core?11:20
sepenis unstable too11:20
teK_btrfstools are unstable?11:28
teK_v0.19 Released (June 2009)11:28
teK_thats more than sendmail or bind can claim *g*11:28
sepenjust I see the source name in the Pkgfile11:32
tilmansepen: lilo doesn't work with btrfs12:15
teK_i thought it was grub that has to be ported12:28
tilmani don't think it's even possible to patch lilo to support btrfs12:54
tilmansince lilo doesn't _know_ about filesystems12:54
tilmanit only knows about blocks or something, and that approach doesn't work with btrfs either..12:54
tilman(keep in mind it also doesn't work with ext4 afaik)12:54
teK_wtf, there are working isntallations (iirc I had one, too) with lilo??12:58
tilmanwtf are you talking about12:58
tilmanjaeger: thank you :)12:58
teK_there is a CRUX version with btrfs, iirc12:59
teK_what boot loader does it use?12:59
tilmani'm running crux 2.7 with btrfs12:59
tilmanbut i have a separate /boot partition (ext2)12:59
tilmanand i use lilo12:59
teK_missed that :)13:00
tilmanalright :)13:00
tilmanseparate /boot is kind of lame, but it's the quickest way to a working boot loader ;)13:00
sepenhere again13:07
sepenhmmm just I need /boot using another fs, right?13:08
sepens/another/a supported/13:08
sepenwell, just I was playing with btrfs, and I'll try tomorrow with syslinux 4.02 which has support13:10
sepentilman, maybe some notes about btrfs in the handbook would be ok too13:12
tilmansepen: yes, use ext2 or ext3 for /boot13:18
jaegerI doubt the btrfs /boot problem will be fixed soon, I think we did some research on that last time we talked about it13:21
frinnstlilo dosnt work with ext4?13:39
frinnstit does for me :)13:40
tilmani thought it didn't14:02
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jaegerbtrfs-progs is giving me trouble in stage118:20
jaegercc1: warnings being treated as errors18:20
jaegerbtrfsck.c: In function 'maybe_free_inode_rec':18:20
jaegerbtrfsck.c:323:2: error: implicit declaration of function 'S_ISDIR'18:20
jaegerbtrfsck.c:328:2: error: implicit declaration of function 'S_ISREG'18:20
jaegerbtrfsck.c:328:2: error: implicit declaration of function 'S_ISLNK'18:20
jaegergcc -Wp,-MMD,./.btrfs_cmds.o.d,-MT,btrfs_cmds.o -Wall -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 -g -Werror -Os -c btrfs_cmds.c18:20
jaegermake[3]: *** [btrfsck.o] Error 118:20
jaegermake[3]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....18:20
jaegermake[3]: Leaving directory `/src/ports/core/btrfs-progs/work/src/btrfs-progs-unstable-075587c'18:20
frinnstsame here18:51
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