IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2010-08-11

tilmanjaeger: i'll prepare a patch01:30
tilmanjaeger: i pushed the patch :)01:36
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sepentilman, should we merge contrib 2.6 in 2.7 (as in core/opt/xorg), or should we wait until 2.7 will be released?05:26
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jaegertilman: I bootstrapped with my own patch last night but I imagine they're very similar08:07
jaegerhrmm, some other weird stuff is happening08:25
jaegerbsdtar: Failed to set default locale08:25
jaegerbsdtar: /usr/src/iso/ports/core/btrfs-progs/btrfs-progs#075587c-3.pkg.tar.xz: Not found in archive08:25
jaegerthis is after a successful bootstrap, when making the iso08:25
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tilmanjaeger: is this the bsdtar call in Makefile:271?09:43
jaegerI think so09:46
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tilmanjaeger: does that issue go away magically if we re-run the build process? :]12:57
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RotwangI'm wondering why in crux isos Makefile the packages to squashfs file system arent pkgadded but simply unpacked?13:23
Rotwangline 27113:23
tilmanwell, we don't really need a pkgdb in the live system, do we?13:31
Rotwangtrue ;>13:31
tilmanno idea whether there's a deeper reason13:32
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teK_mind if I adopt vlc for contrib?17:19
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jaegerthat's fine. I've been meaning to pick it back up but haven't had time =/18:22
jaegernow the 2.6.35 kernel modules get installed into lib/modules/2.6.35+, not lib/modules/2.6.3521:24
jaegerthe hell is going on?21:24
jaegerstill getting the locale issue with bsdtar but it does seem to work21:24
jaegerfuck it, I'm gonna trash my build environment and start over, the error is different every time21:29
jaegershit like that is impossible to troubleshoot21:33
jaegerperl also gives the warning about setting the locale21:44
jaegerah, regenerating locales seems to have solved that, probably will for bsdtar as well21:45
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jaegerbleh, I'll mess with it tomorrow, tired of this for now21:52
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