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jaegerI wonder why the kernel modules are getting installed into 2.6.35+ instead of 2.6.3508:32
tilmanwhat does 'make kernelrelease' print?08:34
jaeger2.6.35+, heh08:37
tilmancat include/config/kernel.release08:38
tilmanwhat does that command print?08:38
jaegerit says the same, and make prepare updates it with the same08:39
jaegerI wonder if it's the same in
tilmanso 'make prepare' is the bad guy?08:40
* tilman checks out 2.6.34 patched to 2.6.3508:40
tilmanaha, include/config/ is created by 'make fooconfig' it seems08:40
jaegermake prepare does update that file but not sure if it happens otherwise, too08:41
tilmanmaybe 'make oldconfig' is to blame08:41
tilmanmaybe i messed up the config file08:42
jaegerI didn't see anything odd in the config08:42
tilmaninclude/config/ is _not_ created by 'make oldconfig'08:42
tilmani'll dig some more08:43
jaegermy fresh tree has include/config/ after make oldconfig but no release file in there08:44
jaegermake prepare created it with
jaegerusing the 2.6.35 config08:44
tilmanwho/what calls 'make prepare'?08:45
tilmani don't see that in the iso Makefile08:45
tilmanor maybe my check out is old?08:45
jaegerthe iso Makefile doesn't call it directly, I found a note about it in the kernel Makefile08:45
jaegerwhen looking at the 'kernelrelease' target08:45
jaegerwithout our config, make prepare still creates
jaegerjust used the default config that 'make menuconfig' produces08:47
tilmanline 88708:47
tilmani think it believes we patched the kernel tree08:49
tilman(it = scripts/setlocalversion)08:49
jaegerwhy would it do the same for a fresh tree, though?08:49
tilmanmy guess is that this is a new feature in .3508:50
jaegermaybe so08:50
tilmanwe are unpacking the kernel tree in a directory structure that is in git, right?08:50
jaegeroooh, right08:50
tilmanthat's why the git commands that are called by the script do produce some kind of result08:50
jaegerthat's a tad annoying08:51
tilmani think i'd patch the include/config/kernel.release target08:51
tilmanstripping it down to this might suffice:08:51
tilman$(Q)echo "$(KERNELVERSION)" > $@08:52
jaegeryeah, seems to be enough08:53
jaegersed -e 's,\($(Q)echo "$(KERNELVERSION)$$($(CONFIG_SHELL).*\)" >,$(Q)echo "$(KERNELVERSION)" >,' Makefile08:59
jaegersomething like that should be a bit more future-proof than a patch, I think08:59
jaegerdamn clipboard09:00
jaegerthat's not the line I'm trying to copy/paste, heh09:01
jaegersed -e 's,\($(Q)echo "$(KERNELVERSION)\)$$($(CONFIG_SHELL).*" >,\1" >,' Makefile09:02
jaegerthat one should be correct09:02
jaegergiving it a test09:04
jaegerapparently I can't come up with the magic invocation to make that sed work inside a Makefile10:51
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