IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2010-08-16

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tilmanjaeger: how is the iso building going? did you solve the release version thing or can i help with that..?11:56
jaegertilman: I finally got one built but I haven't tested it at all yet12:45
jaegerI'm downloading it here to see if it at least boots12:47
jaegerOk, it boots, but it doesn't work properly. missing ahci module and no drives seen, I'll work on it13:07
tilmanmaybe i made a wrong choice when i ran 'make oldconfig'13:08
tilmani chose CONFIG_SATA_AHCI_PLATFORM=m13:09
tilmanmaybe it's related to that one13:09
jaegerworth a look13:09
jaegerI think maybe libahci.ko just got added and ahci.ko depends on it13:11
jaegerI called this one rc2, by the way, let me know if it should be something else13:12
jaegerlooking better already13:24
jaegerok, I did a quick test install that worked, want me to make this one available?13:34
jaegertilman: also, I did solve my Makefile problem, it was a matter of properly escaping things which Makefile syntax made harder13:36
tilmanyes, please make it available14:00
jaegerok, it's in the usual spot14:04
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