IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2010-08-18

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sepenteK_, how do you think about update nipuL's ports? I think we should do it for at least some outdated ones even if we'll adopt them in the future or not03:37
teK_ /orphanedports is *quite* long :|03:38
sepenyep, i.e #420 is from 27 January 200903:39
teK_btw: I do not dislike your new portdbtool but a) I had no time to look at it b) I still happily use your pquery.pl03:39
teK_wrt mythtv?03:39
sepenwell, I'll try to update some of them when having some time03:39
sepenteK_, mythtv, yep03:39
teK_this really sucks03:40
teK_have you seen tillb for a while?03:40
* teK_ just discovered that you are maintaining 220 in sepen03:42
sepeneing? you mean my private repo?03:42
sepenwell I have a lot of outdated ports, hehe, but I'm trying to maintain my better ports in contrib03:43
teK_% grep -R Maintainer **/Pkgfile |cut -f2 -d\# | sort | uniq -c | sort -n  looks kinda scary03:44
sepenteK_, it is not good to have broken ports once you installed crux the first time and after activate the contrib collection, we should improve contrib for 2.703:44
teK_in /usr/ports/opt (/contrib)03:44
teK_improve? in what way?03:45
teK_I can only speak for my ports but I think their fairly stable/up to date03:45
sepenteK_, mycontrib's script:
sepenimprove broken urls or outdated ports03:47
teK_I think you did a fairly good job with all those quality-testing scripts03:50
teK_we really should make this a standard03:51
sepenwell perl or python should acelerate a bit those tasks, unfortunatelly bash and the other tools are a bit slow quite often03:52
sepenbut yep, a good place could be misc/scripts.git03:52
sepenlast change made to scripts.git: 3 years ago03:53
teK_do these scripts contain the stuff you hacked for checking opt and contrib?03:53
sepenyou mean scripts.git?03:54
teK_yes. are your scripts already in scripts.git?03:55
sepenno, I never contributed to script.git, just only I used check_urls's script in the past03:55
sepen*err scripts.git03:55
sepenthese scripts are or were used in crux.nu03:56
sepensee: scripts.git contains some tools that are used in /home/crux/bin/, but not all of them, just the ones that can be public due to security03:58
teK_I think we agree that all the checks / notifications should be automated03:59
sepenmaybe, prt-contrib would be a better name, and also prt-utils.git a better place03:59
sepenwell, anyways that should be decided by core team ;D04:00
teK_yeah and names are a secondary problem04:01
sepenyeah, and I'm always glad to contribute04:01
sepenteK_, could you compare times between and portdbc? or where I can obtain
teK_i can wgetpaste it for you tonight04:02
teK_it's *quite* old04:03
teK_I remember when you were quite new to CRUX and sent the script :)04:03
sepenI started a perl script too in the past (the FS one)04:03
sepen2005 or 2006?04:03
sepenI'm running crux in some servers so I like the idea of having a cli tool to access our portdb04:04
sepenand more if it has only a few dependencies from core + opt04:05
sepenteK_, I started with 2.0 or 2.1 (the uCRUX one too) though04:06
teK_I don't remember the version..04:06
sepentime goes fast :D04:06
teK_that's for sure04:06
sepenwell, I should work at office, heheheh04:06
teK_sepen: I like the idea of searching the portdb remotely so much, I think we should have something like prt-get rseach AND prt-get radd (integrated with your mpup driver) to make the process of adding nonofficial ports as easy as possible04:07
teK_me too :\04:07
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frinnstwtf, procmail waits for input when building?04:58
frinnststupid bootstrap04:58
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