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jaegertilman: I wonder if the crash is one of the grep or sed calls14:54
jaegertilman: what kind of laptop is that?14:58
tilmanit's an HP530. centrino coreduo, ICH714:58
jaegernothing particularly unusual about those components from a quick search14:59
tilmanbtw, how do you create the usb images again? pedja was missing one for rc2 (doh)15:00
jaegersepen's script15:00
tilmangot a link?15:00
jaegerhe hasn't made a 2.7 one yet but I bet it'd be easy enough to tweak15:00
jaegerer, wait15:00
jaegermaybe the top level is 2.7 now15:00
jaegerlooks like it is15:01
tilmangreat, thanks15:01
tilmanre. the laptop; i suspect it's just my hardware going bananas15:01
tilmannot sure if you've seen it: when i try and build a kernel in the rescue/live system, the machine *shuts* *down* after a minute or two15:02
jaegerwhoa, weird15:02
jaegerheat issue, perhaps?15:02
tilmanyeah, probably15:02
jaegerthat always sucks15:03
* pedja adds making unetbootin plugin for Crux to (already mile long) TODO list15:10
pedjaor something like that...15:11
jaegeroh, so unetbootin knows about CRUX15:11
pedjait could :)15:11
jaegerI thought you meant on the CRUX side, I was trying to figure out what that meant :)15:11
tilmanuploading the rc2.usbdisk.img now15:11
pedjamaking Crux specific plugin for Unetbootin is what I tried to say15:12
jaegerpedja: makes sense now :)15:13
jaegertilman: let me know when to sync it to my end15:14
pedjaIt made sense in Serbian, but it got lost in translation :)15:14
jaegerpedja: hehe, ok15:14
tilmanwhat do you think?15:14
jaegertilman: seems reasonable, or could even be in /tmp I suppose15:15
jaegerprobably fine in pwd15:15
tilmanthought baout that, too15:15
tilmanmaybe even `mktemp -d`15:16
tilmanbut then it's more work to make sure it gets removed when the script exits..15:17
tilman(i hate shell scripting)15:17
jaegerprobably safe enough to do it like that paste15:23
tilmani sent it off to him, let's see ... maybe he can come up with something better even15:23
tilmanthe rc2 usbdisk is now available on, in the usbdisk directory16:12
tilmanpedja: ^^^ rc2 usb image16:12
prologictilman, cool16:12
prologicI hardly ever boot off USB - but cool :)16:13
pedjatilman: thank you16:13
prologicI promise this weekend I'll be testing out 2.7 upgrades and installs :)16:13
pedjaI'll probably upgrade my main system to 2.7 proper, and try that 64bit on a separate disk.16:15
prologicI still don't have any real 64bit systems yet16:16
prologicmy PC/Desktop is - but runs in 32bit mode16:16
pedjamine too16:16
prologichardly worth it with only 2GB of RAM16:16
prologicin fact, 64bit is hardly worth it at all really unless you're running a big ass server16:16
pedja4Gb of ram here, but I was/am waiting for C64 :)16:17
prologicyes but like I said16:17
prologicnot worth it :)16:17
prologic4GB of RAM is the limit of 32bit16:17
prologicunless you want more than 4GB of usable RAM, 64bit has not benefits :)16:17
prologicand in all seriousness, I've never chewed out the RAM on my 2GB desktop yet16:18
prologicI have no disk swap at all16:18
prologicand still 1GB of free RAM16:18
prologicmeh :)16:19
jaeger32-bit stoled my megabytes!16:19
prologicI've read all teh hype/rubbish :)16:19
prologichi jaeger16:19
pedjacoolness factor is a plus ;)16:19
prologicsure you get wider busses16:19
jaeger$ free -m16:19
jaeger             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached16:19
jaegerMem:         12024       7741       4283          0        134       405216:19
prologicbut pfft :)16:19
prologicyou suck :)16:20
prologicthis new server we're putting in for a client will have 8GB initially16:20
prologicshould be a very nice machine16:20
prologicI hope Juergen has done a good job with the samba port :)16:21
prologicI'll need it!16:21
jaegerI just ordered a new CPU, new RAM, and new MB for my main machine at home, going to 8GB there as well16:22
jaegerlooking forward to it16:22
pedjawhich CPU?16:23
jaegerintel i5-76016:23
pedjanice :)16:23
jaegerIt should be good enough for everything I do16:23
pedjaprobabably, but will it run Firefox at decent speed? ;)16:24
jaegersure, until firefox leaks all the RAM :)16:25
jaegerI find that browser wars boil down to "how fast will this one leak all my RAM?" these days16:25
jaegerchrome seems to do it just slightly more slowly than firefoxf16:25
pedja6 tabs open, 394Mb used16:26
jaegerjust leave it open for a week, hehe16:27
jaegerIt doesn't happen very quickly, fortunately16:27
jaegerI usually close my tabs at the end of the day so it hasn't caused any huge problems16:27
pedjaI update extensions every few days, so I reboot FF, so it behaves16:28
jaegeryeah, that's a good way to keep it in check16:28
pedjai like Opera, but no adblock is a serious hurdle16:28
jaegerI haven't used opera in a few years but that would suck16:28
pedjaI use it on a phone, though16:29
pedja10.61 is nice, fast as hwll16:29
pedjaDoes Chrome still depend on gconf?16:31
pedjaand i wanted to see what the hype is all about :)16:32
pedjaoh, well16:32
jaegerI don't have it installed on CRUX, just Ubuntu16:33
jaegerSpeaking of 8GB RAM and 64-bit, I wonder if I could continue nipuL's multilib work16:33
jaegersince he's retired now =/16:33
pedjaYou could, if you have spare time.Hard to come by, these days.16:34
pedjaI have  spare time, but no skillz ;)16:35
pedjabut, I'll jump on 64bit bandwagon at some point in time, so...16:36
jaegerWhen I get my new hardware I plan to look into it, I'll definitely want to run a multilib install there16:37
pedjabased on purelib?16:38
jaegerWould probably start from that since there isn't a multilib ISO yet16:39
jaegernot too hard to convert from pure to multi, even if the doc is a tad out of date16:39
pedjasomething I would be definatelly(sp?) interested in.16:39
pedjaIt is about time for Crux to join the cool kids :)16:40
jaegerI'd definitely like to see us move to x86_64 officially at some point in the future and offer the option to switch to multilib after a pure install16:42
pedjaj/k, Crux is cool as it is, so not having 64bit version of it seems somehow seems wrong...16:42
pedjaofficial 64 bit version, that is16:43
pedjatoo few devs is a major hurdle, sadly16:44
pedjawe need a recruiting campaign."come to the dark side.we have candy."16:47
pedjaalmost midnight, time to sleep.16:52
pedjagood night.16:52
jaegertake care16:52
prologicactually guys16:57
prologicI read an interesting post on my local unix/linux user group about firefox16:57
prologicand it's auto complete, caching, etc16:57
prologicit uses sqlite3 datavases16:57
prologicand FF's slowness get worse over-time as the databases get fragmented16:57
prologica VACUUM on the databases every onw and again fixes that16:57
prologic(but not the memory leaks obviosuly) :)16:57
jaegerYeah, I've read that and even done the vacuum a few times... maybe just have fast enough hardware but it didn't make a huge difference for me16:58
jaegerthe autocomplete did get a bit snappier each time16:59
frinnsti have all those things disabled, more or less16:59
prologicyeah on faster hardware (disk/io hardware) it won't make much of a difference17:00
prologicbut it's still a good idea17:01
prologicapparently you can automate it too (get FF to do it regularly)17:01
prologicI hardly use FF anymore anyway (except for web development and dxebugging)17:01
frinnsti found an addon for it17:04
prologicthought there might be one17:11
frinnstgonna listen to the rms talk?18:13
frinnst :)18:13
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