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tilmanvery last sentence01:17
teK_at least you're not alone01:24
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sepentilman, finally did you see the patch?03:03
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jaegerI'd really love to continue development on a multilib system but I don't think I understand it well enough08:59
jaegera multilib crux, that is08:59
teK_cross-foo is a nightmare :\09:00
jaegerI could try to update ports in my already-installed multilib crux or try to start a new multilib project... the former is kinda tough because nipul put a lot of work into it and I don't have the benefit of that experience09:01
jaegerthe latter is tough because it seems like starting a new multilib setup is very opaque09:01
jaegereven LFS doesn't explain enough... how to build and cross-build, sure, but not much behind that09:01
teK_I never got gcc+glibc to crossbuild from 64bit to 32bit (except with crosstools)09:02
jaegerI just wish there were some good "newbie" documentation09:03
jaegerCLFS is nice but still a bit less newbie-friendly than I'd like09:04
pitillonot sure if the cross from ho09:15
pitillonot sure if the cross from host to arm can give any clue about cross compiling from 32b/64b to 64b/32b09:16
jaegerI'm not even sure that building multilib toolchains from 32-bit is worth the effort since there are plenty of multilib-capable distributions already out there from which to start09:16
jaegerbut even if I started from one of those, figuring out the necessary changes to our ports is a bit opaque09:16
jaegerpitillo: perhaps, I've been reading a lot of arm toolchain info09:16
teK_pitillo: tbh my gut feeling tells me it's due to glibc/gcc's crappieness :\09:17
pitillowe started from clfs and got lot of knowledge about cross from there, but I never played out in another arch than arm09:17
teK_they use #!/bin/sh in their build scripts (for glibc) but fail if /bin/sh is not bash.. (that's the reason why there's no dash as /bin/sh in CRUX...)09:17
jaegerPerhaps my best course would be to simply start with a 32-bit crux and CLFS info and force myself to learn it all09:18
pitillowell, that's the best way to go imho (a good way to learn better how all things are done and the way to face problems)09:19
jaegermaybe so09:19
pitillohere at least I didn't know (really) since I started building toolchain and crosscompiling things09:20
pitillothe theory was clear, but put it in practice is another world (learning a lot and there is a long way ahead to learn more)09:21
jaegermaybe crosstool is also a good place to start, though I've gotten confused at times with the differing info from CLFS and crosstool pages09:21
pitillohere I started from Kegel's crosstools too, then moved to a script reading how he did the cross and from CLFS info09:23
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pitillowell then checked others like codesourcery, openembedded and similar to see how they work too, but all I have checked are focused on arm really09:29
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jaegereven if they're focused on ARM, the more information the better :)09:38
jaegerthanks for the tips09:38
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pitillono problem jaeger, may be you can find interesting the crux-arm toolchain (for both abi's) too, may be it can give a clue or an idea09:40
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jaegerIs crosstool still maintained? doesn't seem like much has changed in 4 years13:41
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jaegerah, maybe crosstool-NG13:58
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