IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2010-08-30

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tilmanone thing i need to adjust on _every_ crux system is to create /usr/local/{bin,lib,whatnot} and add /usr/local/lib to /etc/
tilmanbecause seriously, who doesn't build _some_ software by hand which then ends up in /usr/local?10:45
jaegerI don't :)11:10
jaegerI put it in /opt for some reason11:10
tilmanalright. /me wanders off, taking his point with him11:11
teK_I put mine in $HOME11:35
teK_or make a port for it it's just too simple :-)11:36
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juetilman: I don't, sometimes I install into a temp-location and tar'up that to create a package12:02
tilmanokay, mayeb i'm weird12:03
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jaegerI used to all the time, before using CRUX12:32
jaegerfor what that's worth12:32
frinnsti use /usr/local !12:53
frinnstthank god, i thought i was the only one12:53
frinnsti feel sooooo much better now12:53
juefrinnst: btw, you got dovecot running again?12:56
frinnsti went back to 1.212:56
frinnstgot it running, but it behaves a bit different12:56
frinnsti have a wierd setup :)12:57
jueok :)12:57
frinnsti only use it for two users me, to check mail from my phone ( uses my inbox in my homedir) and my dad who gets his mail in spool12:57
frinnstdidnt want to work with 212:58
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