IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2010-09-02

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juetilman: FYI,
* teK_ had a look at the pmwiki backup/upgrade process as we are vulnerable to cross-site scripting02:52
tilmanjue: great! :)02:57
tilmanjue: the guy who reported the problem originally says the patch works for him02:59
prologicteK_, fixed it at all ?03:08
teK_prologic: planning for tonight :)03:14
juetilman: looks like gentoo's glibc 2.12.1-r1 already includes the patch03:15
tilmanwill have a look in a minute03:20
juetilman: btw, I've running udev 161 here on 3 boxes, seems to work fine03:57
tilmani missed that update again :(03:58
juejust committed an update of ChangeLog ;)04:08
tilman"this should fix glibc, but all static apps linked against older glibc will need04:16
tilmanto be relinked04:16
tilmanis this a problem for pkgutils? i don't think so04:17
juedunno, but I'm on the way to build glibc with vapier's patch04:18
tilmanme too04:18
juehehe, good04:18
tilmani hope i'm not wrecking my system by updating04:19
tilmandon't have another linux or rescue system handy right now ;D04:19
juef* -> pkginfo: ../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/getpagesize.c:32: __getpagesize: Assertion `_rtld_global_ro._dl_pagesize != 0' failed.04:27
tilmanis that after a rebuild of pkgutils?04:29
jueno, before04:30
jueagter rebuilding it basically works04:30
jueNEW       drwxr-xr-x      0/0     etc/04:30
juedrwxr-xr-x      root/root       etc/04:31
tilmani wonder whether we should parse /etc/passwd manually04:37
tilmaninstead of relying on glibc to do it :(04:37
tilmanor link dynamically...04:38
juewell, we might have something other than files in nsswitch.conf ;)04:39
juee.g. I've played with nss_db sometimes04:41
juea static pkgadd is really nice too ...04:44
teK_and thinkk about all those poor winbindd-users04:44
tilmananyway, getpwuid(0) now fails04:44
tilmanwhich sucks sucks sucks04:44
tilman test program04:51
tilmanjue: what do you think? i'd rather stick with the previous patch than the new one04:58
jueI do not understand the glibc people or better drepper here, static linking is a must-have in some cases04:59
juee.g. stuff for initrd etc.05:00
juetilman: have you ever tried building pkgutils against uclibc?05:08
tilmandoes it support NSS? :>05:09
juehmm, good question :)05:09
jueno :(05:11
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teK_trying to update the wiki13:59
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teK_if you notice any breakage please notify me15:50
jaegerAnyone happen to know what library in macosx 10.6/fink would have the _XRenderParseColor symbol? I thought maybe xrender but it's installed15:56
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