IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2010-09-03

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tilmanjaeger: grep XRenderParseColor /path/to/libXrender.dylib06:31
tilmanjaeger: (i'm mostly clueless about osx and totally clueless about fink)]06:32
sepentilman, hey, I added the new repo to pdbcacher06:32
tilmansepen: i saw the email. thanks :)06:34
sepenwow, savannah registration seems tedious:
sepenpff linux vs gnu/linux06:51
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juetilman: don't found any issues with latest xorg/intel on my netbook11:33
tilmanjue: what chip is that? i965?12:31
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frinnstme neither btw12:40
tilmanfrinnst: what chip is that?12:40
tilmando you guys run a compositing manager? which one?12:40
frinnstnothing fancy12:41
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jueit's a samsung n220, with intel gma315012:53
juewindow manager is scrotwm of course ;)12:54
pitilloarf, sorry13:54
pitilloah ok16:04
pitilloI think it isn't in the collections16:05
pitillohow bad are friday's nights16:05
pitillosorry again16:05
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