IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2010-09-06

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frinnstjaeger: how do you handle updating the initrd drivers? manually?12:19
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frinnstanother thing, modprobe fails to load ahci during boot. manually modprobing it seems to load it without issues13:56
frinnstcomplains about unknown symbol13:57
frinnstseen it before?13:57
jaegerhrmm, haven't run into that, they usually chain load properly14:41
jaegerand yes, I update the initramfs.lst manually14:41
jaegerit can be done automatically but I prefer it manually for some reason14:41
frinnststrange, removing the platform acpi ahci thingy results in even more errors14:56
frinnstdunno whats up14:56
jaegerweird :(15:09
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