IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2010-09-07

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juetilman: any progress with your xorg issue?11:32
tilmanno, but i can just revert the bad commit manually11:32
jueno sure what's best to proceed, but I think we should do another rc as soon as we are happy with the overall status of 2.7 and do the final release after that if everthing went fine11:36
juebtw, tomorrow 2.6 is one year old :)11:39
* tilman patches xorg-xserver12:03
juecool, are there any other issues left?12:19
jueother opinions wrt rc/final of 2.7?12:31
tilmanthere's the problem with my laptop shutting down when compiling a kernel in the livecd12:33
tilmanbut if i'm the only one hitting that problem, we might justignore it12:33
juewell, let's ignore it for now and see if it happens again with rc3 and the newer kernel12:40
jueso, we should ask jaeger to build a rc3, please ;)12:45
tilmanshould bump the kernel version first12:46
tilmanjaeger: did you push your latest iso changes (if any)? i'd like to update the kernel config/version12:46
juejust updated ChangeLog13:13
jaegertilman: I don't have any important local changes at the moment, should be fine to update13:27
tilmanwhy don't we use CUSTOMVERSION for suffixes such as rcX and testX?13:32
tilmanoh well.13:34
tilmanjaeger: i just pushed the kernel update. can you please build another iso? it would be rc313:34
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jaegertilman: sure, I'll get it started this afternoon; fixing some networking issues at work right now13:44
tilmanjaeger: no need to hurry anyway. thanks13:45
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jaegertilman: it's started now :)19:35
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