IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2010-09-08

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jaegertilman: I do use CUSTOMVERSION for -rcX and -testX08:50
jaegerand for -updated08:50
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jaeger-rc3 is up, has not yet been tested.10:42
teK_wait. doesn't have it10:44
jaegerwhoops, hold off on downloading that for a minute, it's missing one of the ahci modules10:47
jaegerok, re-uploaded10:52
frinnsthmm, configure: error: System Sqlite library is not compiled with SQLITE_SECURE_DELETE.11:32
frinnstthe firefox/xulrunner security fix11:33
frinnsti think i'll switch to the bundeled sqlite for now11:46
frinnstugly ugly ugly11:46
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frinnstjaeger: mind pushing the fix for the issue?13:58
jaegerfrinnst: I can't reach to push right now but I'll try to do it tonight16:34
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