IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2010-09-09

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juejaeger: thanks for rc3, looks really good so far, I've done an update and a fresh install today without any issues :)11:56
frinnstjue: xulrunner now requires sqlite to be compiled with SQLITE_SECURE_DELETE. currently xulrunner doesn't build against the system sqlite due to this.11:57
frinnstchanging the sqlite port might break things, so im prepared to use the xulrunner-shipped sqlite unless you have any other ideas11:58
juefrinnst: that's fine for me, not sure if I want spezial defines in our sqlite port12:00
juetilman: didn't see your shutdown problem today, tested on two different system12:54
juemaybe a hardware problem?12:54
tilmanjue: either that or a kernel bug :)12:55
tilmanjue: some other guy mentioned the same problem on some weeks ago. he also saw it for the very first time12:55
tilman-> i suspect a kernel bug12:55
jaegerjue: glad to hear it :)12:57
juejust curious, someone else tested rc3?13:04
tilmannot yet13:08
jaegerI tested it in VirtualBox, haven't yet tested on real hardware13:19
jaegerIf I have time this afternoon I'll be trying it on the lenovo laptop that rc2 didn't like13:20
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jaegerThe lenovo laptop still has problems but I can't duplicate it on other machines15:09
jaegerworks great on an HP EliteBook 8540p15:12
juewhat's the problem on the lenovo?15:21
jaegerThe ahci modules don't load properly, lots of "failed to identify" errors in dmesg output15:25
jaegerIf I turn off AHCI in the bios it'll work using the normal ATA drivers but the AHCI doesn't play nicely15:25
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