IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2010-09-12

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frinnstcould we host a radeon-ucode tarball on ?13:29
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prologicI still have issues booting the CRUX x64 2.6 ISO on this new Dell server :/14:14
prologicprolly should ask in #crux :)14:15
frinnstwhat happens?14:19
prologicit boots ok14:38
prologiclilo, kernel14:38
prologicbut when it comes to running the rc scripts14:38
prologicit gets "stuck"14:38
prologicalso a few errors loading modules14:38
prologiceg: modprobe: error module ... not found14:38
prologicI never get a login prompt (getty)14:39
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prologicI'm using the
frinnst2.7 is a bit broken14:40
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frinnstdont use it to boot from :)14:40
prologicwell let's fix it :)14:40
frinnsti plan to, tomorrow. 2 days off \o/14:40
prologicit'd be just some kernel config issues right ?14:40
prologicso for now, just boot from the 2.6 x64 iso and then manually install 2.7 ?14:41
frinnstim not sure. i get some wierd symbols error when loading ahci (sata)14:41
prologicsame here14:41
prologicon this Dell server14:41
prologick well tomorrow let's try and fix this together14:41
prologicI'll get you the exact specs of this box14:41
prologicit's brand spanking new :)14:41
frinnstoi, a new toy :)14:44
prologicyes yes :)14:46
prologicvery new and shiny14:46
prologicthough not mine for long :)14:46
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