IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2010-09-13

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jaegerfrinnst: regarding the ahci module error does loading libahci first help?09:54
frinnsthavent tried yet10:00
frinnstbuilding a new iso now10:00
jaegerI sometimes drop a shell invocation into the initramfs script before the module loading stuff so I can play with the order myself10:06
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sepenI recently upgraded my desktop box at home and all seems fine but some apps which lost their links to libpng and libjpeg13:52
sepenslim, pekwm, etc.13:54
sepenalso just noticed an expected issue with python2.7's and related ones but in general the iso part seems fine13:55
sepennow rebuilding xulrunner + firefox and waiting for more results13:57
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jaegerWhat would keep us from turning frinnst's x86_64 into an official release?14:51
jaegerIt would be nice to have both 32 and 64 releases for CRUX14:51
jaegerPerhaps more people actively keeping the x86_64 ports updated and quality-checked?14:52
tilmanwith the current overlay, noone signed off of a specific port being available for x86_6415:08
tilmanwhich is kind of ... lame ;)15:08
jaegerI'll likely install the x86_64 release onto one of my machines at home tonight since I no longer need multilib there15:08
tilmanwe could officially release an experimental x86_64 release ;)15:10
jaegerheh, I suppose so15:10
pedjax86_64 Crux would be sweet :)15:13
pedjaI am itching to retire my old trusted IDE disk, and use only SATA, but I am waiting for new release of Crux.15:15
pedjatilman: any comment on #648 in Flyspray?15:17
jaegernotes: memtest86+ on the ISO needs to be updated, partprobe would be nice to have (part of parted)15:26
frinnstpartprobe ftw15:29
jaegerfrinnst: did you say your -test2 is broken?15:48
jaegerI'm downloading it to take a look at it15:48
frinnstits the ahci thingy15:52
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frinnstjust uploaded a new iso16:35
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frinnstreplaced it :)17:06
sepenbuilding xulrunner: /usr/bin/ld: warning:, needed by /usr/lib/, not found (try using -rpath or -rpath-link)17:18
sepenany idea? 2.7 has
sepenhmmm, my 2.6 was up to date, so seems that some apps aren't updated with the iso17:22
sepenops was my fault, I didn't made ports -u core and a sysup17:27
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jaegerfrinnst: trying rc118:26
jaegerwow, lots of errors18:30
jaegerI think my hardware is starting to die18:30
jaegerI don't know what the deal is, though, I've run through multiple days of memtest86+ and cpustress with no errors18:31
jaegerI guess badblocks is up next for testing18:33
jaegerfrinnst: ok, rc1 works well in a VirtualBox VM so I'm sure I have bad hardware on my secondary box now19:57
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jaegerIt's randomly segfaulting :( When it does, the system no longer responds to anything at all21:36
jaegerI've tested the RAM and the CPU without errors, so far I've no idea what the problem is21:36

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