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pitillojaeger: are you basing your work (cross to 64b) in a custom way? Any special version for the toolchain components (crux 2.6/2.7 toolchain versions)?01:12
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cptnhi there01:26
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jaegerheyo, cptn, how goes?08:21
jaegerpitillo: I haven't gotten any versions I've tried yet to work08:22
jaegerpitillo: I've tried the 2.6 and 2.7 toolchains as well as crosstool-ng, buildroot, and some LFS work08:22
cptnhey jaeger!08:22
cptnit's been a while :-)08:23
cptnI'm doing fine, what about you?08:23
jaegerindeed. :)08:23
jaegerDoing pretty well, can't complain terribly08:23
cptngood to hear08:24
cptnkinda felt like joining the #crux channels today08:25
jaegerI wondered why you had :)08:25
jaegerWhat are you doing these days?08:25
cptnI'm working at working for a company in the home automation field08:27
cptncreating home appliances and such :-)08:27
jaegerSounds neat08:27
cptnthere's a small embedded linux server controlling the system, which is where I'm working on08:28
cptnpartly writing application code, and partly system level08:28
cptnit's quite nice, although we have some delays08:29
cptnmarket entry was originally planned for q3/q4 this year08:29
cptnnow it'll be Q1/201108:29
cptnthis created some tension lately...08:29
cptnand besides, I've tried to mainly do things not involving computers ;-)08:30
cptnhaven't done any programming at home for some time now :-)08:30
cptnwhat about you? I think last time we talked you'd just moved away from Tulsa university08:30
jaegerI worked at that small filtering company for almost exactly a year (4 days short) and then was unemployed for 2 months08:31
jaegerNow I'm a sysadmin at a brain research institute08:31
cptncool, brain research... do they run tests on you? :-)08:32
jaegerI've been in the MRI scanner a couple times but my results can't be used for anything since I'm an employee :)08:34
cptnany plans to travel Europe in the near future?08:35
jaegerNot in the very near future, no. I replaced my driveway recently so don't have a lot of extra money :)08:36
jaegerBut I definitely want to go back sometime08:36
cptnI talked to sip a while back, and we figured we should do another cruxcon08:36
jaegerCould be fun :)08:38
jaegerhrmm, I really should push my iso changes/fixes soon09:11
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frinnstjaeger: yes, you should :)11:43
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juejaeger: as promised I've done the update/install today, no issues :)12:36
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jaegerjue: I've made a few more changes to the initramfs today, would like you to test again when I'm done if you don't mind13:49
jaegerfrinnst: I plan to push them today after I make sure my IDE fixes work13:49
jaegerjue: since I removed the deprecated IDE modules and loading code I have to make sure the appropriate libata modules are loaded instead, so I'm testing those13:49
jaegeralso, I added a target to download memtest86+, the one I put in originally was very old13:51
jaegerfrinnst: apologies for the delays, I've had a lot going on lately13:53
jaegeron a side note, the lenovo problem was completely unrelated to AHCI, it seems14:00
jaegersomething wrong with the MP table14:00
juejaeger: sure, I can do it tomorrow14:04
juebut I'll be off the next week14:05
jaegerI'm testing it on the t400 right now, should be ready very soon14:05
jaegerthis is really odd... for some reason drivers/ata/pata_winbond.ko refuses to copy to the initramfs14:15
jaegerooh, wait, it's working now14:15
jaegerok, I've got a new rc4-fix iso, will upload it in a minute14:51
jaegeralright, it's uploaded to the same location, would appreciate anyone testing it who has a few minutes14:55
juersync'ing now15:05
jaegerI didn't get a chance to investigate adding parted to the ISO but that's not a technical issue, just a matter of whether or not others find it useful15:14
jaegerI actually don't care about using parted but the partprobe program that comes with it is handy for re-reading partition tables without needing to reboot15:14
jaegerIt can wait for an updated ISO or next release, probably15:14
jueyeah, I'd suggest to defer that for now15:36
jaegerAnyone have the current link for the make_usb script? I have an outdate one, it seems15:42
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jaegerer, outdated15:42
jaegerthink I found it15:45
jaegerinteresting... if I use make_usbdisk it won't boot15:54
jaegerif I use unetbootin it boots fine15:54
juehmm, works for me, just tested on my netbook15:56
jaegerthe hp elitebook just skips the device entirely. will test on the t400 as well15:56
juebtw, upgrade finished with new rc4, no problems15:57
jaegerhrmm, didn't work on the t400 either, "boot error"15:58
jaegerjue: awesome, thanks :)15:58
juethank you, I'm waiting for wodim to finish the iso, will do a boot-test on my laptop than16:00
jueworks as well :)16:06
frinnstjaeger: cheers16:25
jaegerAnyone here have an h323 video conferencing system?16:56
jaegerI need someone to try calling me16:56
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sepenjaeger, did you try using syslinux -s in the script17:47
sepenI found that some BIOSes required this extra argument to boot correctly17:48
sepenrc4 worked fine here from usbdisk17:49
jaegerI'll try it on monday when I'm back at work18:09
sepenok, just same error 'Boot error' appeared to me at office but syslinux -s $DEVICE solved it18:19
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