IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2010-09-20

pitillojaeger: nice, htank you for the info. I just worked a bit last week with crux-arm's toolchain Makefile to adapt it to make a 64b toolchain (with 2.6 toolchain versions)01:09
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jaegerheh, with the bzip2 update rc4-fix should be replaced by another ISO for release13:37
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mhiteK_: there's a footprint mismatch for 'gegl'14:38
jaegerI'll bootstrap a new ISO with bzip2 and mutt updates, no other changes at the moment15:06
mhiBTW, I just installed gimp and get this error:
mhiI'm sure I can correct this error with dbus-uuidgen, but maybe it's a known problem or something that should be fixed in the next release.16:19
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frinnstjaeger: i still run into some initramfs issues wrt modules, even after your latest commit17:42
frinnsti cant find the missing modules in the kernel config either17:49
frinnsthmm, excluded from 64bit? can find it when searching, but unable to select it17:52
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jaegerfrinnst: not sure... if you search for them in menuconfig do they show deps?19:46
frinnsthmm, good point19:56
frinnstDepends on: SCSI_LOWLEVEL [=y] && ISA [=n] && SCSI [=y]19:57
jaegerno ISA on 64-bit19:58
jaegerso you can remove those19:58
frinnstDepends on: X86_32 [=n]19:59
jaegerall ISA based controllers, I guess20:03
jaegerI should have spotted that, I still have an aha1542 somewhere20:03
frinnstyeah, i never even thought about isa.. its so.. 1990's :)20:04
jaegerindeed :)20:08
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