IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2010-09-21

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jaegerfrinnst: did your ISO go better without ISA-dependent modules?13:02
jaegergood :)13:27
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mhitilman: does this port look sane? -
tilmanpersonally i like to delimit urls in source by newlines16:04
tilmanat least in this case this might make it more readable16:05
mhiYea, I wasn't sure how newlines get handled16:05
tilmanmhi: pythoninterp=dynamic means autodetection?16:05
tilmanthen make sure there's no python stuff in the .footprint16:06
tilman(alternatively, try building the port without having python installed and see if there's MISSING stuff in the footprint)16:06
mhiAh, I see.. ugly pitfall!16:07
tilmanmhi: looks like you want to add cscope to the depends on line :)16:07
mhiwhich isn't in the repo yet, as far as I see.. but I can make a port :)16:08
mhiah, cruxpl has it16:08
mhiDeinstalling Python won't be easy :P I guess having a VM with a fresh installation would be handy for such sort of things16:11
mhi--with-x probably also needs some stuff in Depends:16:13
mhiBTW, it seems the cscope binary isn't needed at all. "vim --version" gives me +cscope, so I guess --enable-cscope just does some code changes and searches for the binary at runtime.16:17
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mhiThe 'Flyspray' links on this page are dead:
mhihttps instead of http18:07
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