IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2010-09-27

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juetilman: got a perl related footprint missmatch for git on 2.7, looks like you are still using perl 5.12.1?07:36
carpofor that matter - there is an official git 1.7.3...07:47
sepenjue, what do you think about my proposal for orphaned ports? I commented that in
sepenI also have a list of dependent ports for every orphaned, so before do nothing every maintainer should take a look
sepenafter see this list I know that I should pickup some more ports ;D08:21
juesepen: why is libpth in your list?08:24
sepenhmm maybe I used the wrong initial list, 1sec08:25
sepenwell, forget these lists, I'll repeat all when be back to home08:27
sepenbut the fact is that we should take a decission with those ports08:27
jueat all I agree that we should do something with the orphaned opt ports08:27
sepenok, what do you think about to write a mail with this stuff?08:28
sepenlast call to take ports! it would be fine to have a clean opt collection for 2.708:30
juesure, would be great if you write such a mail08:30
juecurrently I see 3 possible solutions:08:31
juea) go as you suggested08:31
jueb) just remove the orphan ports08:31
juec) move them to another repo, maybe called orphaned or so08:32
jueyeah, that's better08:32
mhid) find new maintainers? :)08:32
sepenbut anyways we should inform that there are some ports still dependent for others08:32
jueI have no strong opinion on that, but tend to b)08:32
mhiremoving from opt means moving to contrib?08:33
juemhi: only if one of the contrib maintainers wants to adopt it08:34
mhiOkay. I just ask, because I wanted to join the contrib team, but hesitated so far, because I just moved back to CRUX (again).08:35
sepenjue, well I think I'll write the mail 'last call to take opt-orphaned ports', then I'll move the rest to attic if you're agree too08:35
juesepen: yeah, that's fine for me, did you get any response from tilman?08:36
sepenno, but I'll wait08:36
jueok, have to leave now but will bbl08:38
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