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sepenjue, and libpth was adopted from Thomas on past May02:31
juewow, nice report, thank you :)02:33
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sepenlater I'll try to have time to write a mail02:38
sepenjust I think I should wait to tilman opinions too02:38
sepenpff my english is worst day by day ..02:38
sepenjue, the report is for orphaned which have dependencies of contrib,kde4,gnome,xfce and e1702:39
sepenhere I placed the original list of orphaned and the script I ran for generating my report
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sepenwell, its time to adopt some more ports ;D02:43
sepenjue or tilman, gcc should provide libffi.h?04:37
sepenI'm adopting pygobject and tried to update it but requires gobject-introspection, which also requires libffi.h to be installed, and I found that:
juesepen: according to libffi looks like java specific stuff?05:35
sepenyeah, gcj05:35
sepenI'll add libffi to opt, then I could  update pygobject and pygtk05:36
sepenand maybe will be required by contrib/gcj too05:36
sepenhmm, I think I should wait a bit more to update those ports05:41
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tilmanwere there any open issues with the rc4-fix iso?12:47
tilmananything that meant we needed an rc5?12:47
jaegerI didn't find any myself13:02
jaegerthough I'd do another bootstrap to get package updates13:02
jaegerI asked in here a few days ago if anyone had found problems but my timing was bad, think everyone was away13:02
juejaeger: yeah, I was off the last week13:06
juebut everything works nice for me, with the exception of a mouse problem with and intel13:07
jaegerIs that problem fixed with a different kernel release?13:08
jueyes, works with 34.613:08
juejaeger: I'll do an update for man-pages and tilman updates the kernel to
jaegerI can do the kernel update at the same time as the bootstrap if that's easier13:14
jueall other pending stuff has to wait until after release13:14
tilmanjaeger: too late. i just pushed the kernel update13:16
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jueok, man-pages updated, ready to go ;)13:19
jaegertilman: that's fine, was just offering if needed :)13:24
jaegerSo do we need another rc or is it time for a final build?13:43
tilmanfinal, i think13:47
jueyeah, final13:47
jaegerok. :) any last updates to the handbook or release notes? release date, etc.?13:51
juedon't think so, I've just committed the ChangeLog but without a real date for now13:58
jaegerthat can be updated right before the ISO is made14:00
juejaeger: I've done corrections to handbook and release notes14:05
jaegerIt'll take a while to bootstrap packages again, I'll update them14:06
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jaegerjue: seeing a mutt issue:14:32
jaeger=======> ERROR: Footprint mismatch found:14:32
jaegerMISSING   -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/share/mutt/manual.txt14:32
jaegerNEW       -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/share/mutt/manual.txt (EMPTY)14:32
jaeger=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/packages/mutt#1.5.21-1.pkg.tar.xz' failed.14:32
carpochecking whether cairo's XCB surface backend feature could be enabled... no (requires xcb >= 1.1.92 xcb-render >= 0.9.92
carpoconfigure: error:  XCB surface backend feature could not be enabled14:36
carpo=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/opt/cairo/cairo#1.10.0-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.14:36
carpo-- Packages where update failed14:36
jaegercarpo: check cairo deps, xcb stuff should be listed now14:38
carpojaeger: maybe tomorrow; now i'm going to bed. this is on 2.7 btw14:40
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frinnstfinal, cool14:49
frinnstshould the port repos be tagged before building?14:49
juejaeger: could you paste the build-log somewhere, please15:01
juefrinnst: I've tagged core/opt locally here, but will wait with the commit until it's really done ;)15:04
frinnstanyways, ive started a x86_64 bootstrap15:06
jaegerjue: sure15:10
juejaeger: looks like you have docbook stuff installed?15:23
jaegerhrmm, didn't think so but I'll check again15:25
jaegerno docbook15:26
jueI got an error after15:26
juexsltproc --nonet -o manual.html ./html.xsl manual.xml15:26
jueI/O error : Attempt to load network entity
juebut your log shows success here15:27
jaegerI've got no docbook packages installed or docbook files on the system15:28
jueafter that manual.html is build and the conversion to manual.txt fails because no lynx/elinks/w3m is installed15:28
jaegerinteresting, also have elinks installed there15:33
jaegeranother weird, it worked this time15:36
jaegerI removed it and rebuilt, no problems15:36
jaegersorry to bug you15:37
jaegerI have a couple different terminals open to CRUX machines, I probably built it on the wrong box, sorry :(15:44
jueno problem, good to know that we might have a issue here15:47
jaegerone of these boxes is a gnome build box, it definitely has docbook installed15:47
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jaegerthe torrent tracker was down again, I restarted it20:54
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frinnstiso completed \o/23:45
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