IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2010-09-29

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jaegermy bootstrap is ready, too, just waiting for handbook/releasenotes changes08:52
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juejaeger: found anything that we should correct in handboook/release notes?10:00
jaegerNot at a quick glance, no10:01
jueok, good10:02
jueno problems with your bootstrap?10:03
jaegerNone :)10:03
jaegerI'll test the ISO in VirtualBox quickly10:03
jueI can do some tests tomorrow, so Friday seems to be a decent release date :)10:05
jaegerSounds reasonable to me10:06
jaegerok, no immediate problems with a fresh install in virtualbox10:08
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carpo-homeI see CRUX 2.7 will come with Linux by default. Considering this wouldn't it be better to use kernel, in regard to Xen users?12:35
tilmani don't think this is a serious problem12:36
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juejaeger: you'll upload the iso, if ready, to the usual place?14:59
jaegergood timing, it just finished uploading14:59
jaegerI'm moving it to the rsync dir now14:59
jaegerok, it's ready15:00
juegreat, thanks :)15:00
jaegernp :)15:00
mhi^Is nipuL still maintaining ports?16:49
mhi^nipuL: Are you? :) If so:
jaegerI think he's retired now16:53
mhi^Ok, the Pkgfile says qt3 and qt4 are optional.. so I guess they get compiled if found which explains the mismatch with so many NEW qt4 files.16:53
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