IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2010-09-30

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juejaeger: looks pretty good, I've done a complete fresh install on my desktop today and updated my laptop from 2.6 to 2.7 as well, no issues :)11:05
jaegerawesome :) no problems here either, though I didn't test an upgrade11:06
jueyeah, usually an update is not that easey to test, I've 'saved' the 2.6 on my laptop for the final 2.711:12
jaegerI need to build a 2.6 VM and just snapshot it for that, would make it easier11:12
jaegerI'll do that today :)11:14
jueI've build the source-iso today, not sure whether you or tilman is the master of our masters11:14
jueanyway, it's here ->{iso.md5}11:15
jaegerok, downloading11:16
jaegergotta go to lunch, I'll be back in about an hour11:29
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frinnstbash-4.1# make source-iso11:53
frinnstMakefile:435: *** unterminated variable reference.  Stop.11:53
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juefrinnst: git pull12:38
jueI've fixed the bug today12:39
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