IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2010-10-01

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frinnstive put x86_64 2.7 iso's up at
juefrinnst: great, thank you :)12:29
jueI'm waiting for tilman, we might release 2.7 today ...12:33
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jaegerjue: did an upgrade and reverse dependency test, played around a bit, works well14:07
jaegerfrom 2.6 to 2.7 in a VM14:07
juejaeger: sounds good, looks like 2.7 will be a release without suprises :)14:14
jaegeryay :)14:15
jaegerI have a torrent ready to go, just need to update the ChangeLog with the release date, I think14:15
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juebtw, I've broken the source iso somehow, there are some files missing, will upload the new one later14:20
juemy upstream rate is very limited, so this will take some time14:21
jaegerI could make one locally if that would help14:21
jueyeah, that would be fine14:22
jaegerok, done14:25
juewow, that's much faster than my 3.5 hour upload14:25
jaegerwell, it's not uploaded yet, it's created14:25
jaegerbut I have a decent connection from here (work)14:26
jueyeah, but I know your pipe is a big one ;)14:26
jaegerestimating about 15 minutes for the upload14:27
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jaegerAnyone know of a trac-like system for git that isn't trac?15:37
jaegerLooking for a bug tracker that can integrate with git like trac did with subversion15:37
jueredmine seems rather popular these days16:05
jaegerwill check it out, thanks16:12
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