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tilmanjue: is empty06:44
jueyeah, I've broken the iso somehow, to avoid a 3.5 hour upload Matt has created a new source-iso06:46
tilmanwhere is it?06:46
juehmm, cannot find it06:51
juetilman: do we release today?06:53
tilmanyes :)06:53
juecool :)06:54
jueadded release date to ChangeLog06:56
tilmanshould i hold back the announcement till we have the source iso?06:59
jueno, don't think so07:01
tilmani'm building the torrent now07:06
juei've updated wiki pages Download and Documentaion07:10
tilmanjaeger won't mind if i use my sudo powers to copy the 2.7 torrent file to ~jaeger/torrent-tracker, right?07:14
tilmanthe 2.7 torret doesn't show up on
tilmani'll try sighup07:27
tilmandidn't help either07:39
tilmanany idea?07:46
juesorry, not really07:50
juebut reading
tilmani think that's another tracker07:51
tilmanmaybe this one
juehmm, the available docs are more or less confusing for me08:05
juetilman: might be that the torrent is only visible if there is a seeder or a peer for it?09:07
tilmanjue: fuck, yes.09:26
* tilman is seedign now09:27
tilmanmmh. but my firewall probably blocks bt09:27
tilmanmorning jaeger09:27
jaegerwhere did you put the 2.7 torrent file?09:28
jaegerI'll start seeding as well09:28
tilmanin ~jaeger/torrent-tracker09:28
tilmandoes BT have support for firewalled clients?09:29
jaegerI think the tracker address is wrong09:30
jaeger vs.
tilmani'll recreate it09:30
tilmanand copied over the old one09:31
tilmanMessage from the tracker: requested download is not authorized for use with this tracker09:32
jaegersame, just restarted it to see if it would update09:33
jaegeroh, I see the problem09:33
jaeger-rw-r--r--  1 root   root  18388 Oct  2 16:31 crux-2.7.torrent09:33
tilmanit needs to be owned by you?09:34
jaegerfixed and restarted09:34
jaegeryes, bnbt runs as me09:34
tilmani assumed world-readability would suffice09:34
jaegerso it couldn't see the file, I'm guessing09:34
jaegerI could be wrong09:34
jaegerseems to be working now09:34
tilmanokay, the torrent is showing up on the page now09:34
jaegermine is 99.9% done since I don't have the updated changelog, hehe09:35
jaegerthere we go09:35
tilmani'm uploading09:35
tilmanomgomg ;)09:35
tilmani need to prepare food now09:36
jaegerwant me to copy the torrent to ?09:36
tilmani'll send the announcement in an hour or so09:36
tilmanyes please09:36
jaegerwe need to make a usbdisk version as well09:43
tilmanaah, right09:55
juetorrents for both images?10:10
jaegermight as well10:11
juebetter ideas for the download page? ->
jaegerit looks fine to me, is there a part of it you didn't like?10:23
jueno, it's ok for me10:23
jaegerI've got to go for a couple hours, picking up my mom at the airport... if you need me to do anything just leave a message here and I'll do it when I get home11:06
juetilman: ping12:33
tilmanjue: pong12:35
tilmanjue: are we good to go?12:35
jueyeah, definitively12:35
juebtw, the source-iso is at
jueoh, wait12:39
jue is the old rc212:39
tilmandid anyone create the usbdisk yet?12:39
jueyes, I have it12:40
tilmanurl? or can you put it on so i can get it?12:41
jueyeah, I'll upload it, will took some time12:41
jueuploading, est. time 1h40min12:50
tilmanokay, i'll be gone when it's finished12:56
tilmanjue: i'll send you what i was going to send out as the announcement so you can send it, okay?12:56
juehmm, would be much faster if you create the img with sepen's script12:57
tilmanhow does that script work again? ;)12:58
frinnst./make_usbdisk crux-2.7.iso12:58
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tilmanyeah what the fuck13:01
juemtools, dosfstools installed?13:03
jueand syslinux oc13:04
tilmanthe problem is that the script calls 'mkdosfs' instead of '/sbin/mkdosfs'13:05
tilmanhaving to log in as root to run the script is stupid.13:05
tilmanjue: doesn't work. i'll wait for your upload.13:08
juehmm, what's now?13:08
tilmanno vfat support in the kernel13:15
jueok :)13:20
juetime left: 1h9min13:20
jueuloading to ->
frinnsti can do it and put it on my homedir on crux.nu13:22
frinnstshould take 5mins or something13:22
juethanks, that helps much13:23
frinnstwhere is the iso?13:23
frinnst+ Finished successfuly13:27
frinnst eta 2m 41s13:27
juewow, two german mirrors are already in sync13:27
frinnstafk, laundry.. such a nice thing to spend a saturday night doing13:31
juefrinnst: url?13:34
jueit's not on
tilmanit's in ~rehabdoll13:36
tilmanfrinnst: md5sum is 73661ba8f0ac193695f6968cb878ef8a ?13:38
tilmanoh well, i guess it is :p13:40
tilmanjue: announcement sent13:41
juethanks, concrats for the new release :)13:44
juetilman: left is the update of the web page, shall I do that?13:46
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frinnsttilman: yes13:47
juetilman: s/web page/web home page/13:47
tilmanjue: yes, please go ahead13:49
juetilman: the lastest symlink points to 2.614:26
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