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sepenjue, could you create a new 'due in version 2.8' in flyspray?09:23
sepenI don't have enough permissions09:23
jueyeah, will do09:25
sepenok, so I'll modify again the 'Development' page to see tasks due in 2.809:25
sepens/see/point to/09:25
juesepen: btw, there's a new flush version out,
sepensorry, flush?09:27
sepenflash plugin maybe?09:28
jueoops, flash :)09:28
sepenyeah I noticed, just I need to be back to home09:28
sepenjue, I didn't sent a mail, but I'll glad to see an i586 version again ;D09:29
jueyou use it too?09:30
sepenyeah, I've an old laptop running openbsd + crux2609:30
jueok, I've started today to build it ;)09:31
sepenmaaany thanks09:31
sepenwell, sincerely I've a little hack building glibc to use kernels lower than 2.6.2709:32
sepenit doesn't make sense to have the last hardware supported if you're running an old device ;D09:33
juewhat's the oldest kernel you're using?09:33
sepencan't remember ATM09:34
sepenthe one from crux 2.5 maybe09:34
juewell, I've no problem to set this to 2.6.16 for the i586' version09:36
juethat was the seting we had with CRUX 2.509:37
jue2.6.16 was the lts-kernel before 2.6.2709:38
sepensorry, it was 2.5 version of glibc ;D not crux09:39
jueok, 2.6.16 ;)09:39
sepenyeah, thanks09:40
sepenany known dissadvantage for that?09:40
jueglibc might not be super-optimized because of the older kernel-support, but I doubt that this is sensible09:42
sepenanyone tried --enable-current?09:46
sepenwell, bbl09:48
juebye sepen09:48
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teK_anyway.. you 'had' to do this bevause noone from contrib/ did it and I could not do it because I'm really stressed personally (GF wanting to split up 'aus heiterem Himmel' after 12 years of relationship + we having a 7 year old child)11:51
teK_< afk again11:52
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jueteK_: oops, I wish you all the best12:03
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sepentilman: ping13:54
mhi^jue: sepen: Is it intended behaviour that neither jre nor jdk install its man pages to a known path? It's /usr/lib/java/man and /usr/lib/jdk-*/man, ATM.13:58
sepentilman, jue or whatever opt'er:, I want to merge my last 2 commits (adobereader and flash-player-plugin), should I discard the automerge and pickup changes manually? the git applications says that I should fix the conflict, git'add the file and commit, but I don't want to make only one commit for both ports (that were 2 separated commits), any idea about how I should continue?13:58
sepenmhi^: hmm13:59
sepenwell you could update etc/man.conf to fit your need, or you suggested that we should change both ports?14:00
sepenMANPATH /usr/lib/java/man should be enough14:01
mhi^Hmm, to be honest I'd like to see them symlinked to /usr/man :)14:01
sepenyou mean /usr/lib/java/man ----> /usr/man ?14:02
sependoesn't make sense14:02
mhi^for the future at least, I'll go with the man.conf way for now14:02
sepensorry I didn't understand you partially14:03
sepenmhi^: could you file a ticket in flyspray?14:03
mhi^Oh, I try :>14:03
mhi^I just have to "Add new task" with severity 'very low' for it, eh?14:11
sepenit would be fine, just a ticket is enough14:13
sepenor low14:13
sepennice report14:24
juesepen: just fix the conflict in flash-player-plugin/Pkgfile, do a 'git add flash-player-plugin' and a 'git commit'14:29
jueyou'll get the 3 commits, one for each of the ports and a merge commit14:30
sepenthanks I'll try14:31
sepenjue: git commit need a commit message, should I just write 'Merge bla bla bla...'?14:37
juehmm, than you did something wrong, you should get the usual merge-commit message14:37
juewith a note about the conflict in it14:38
juesomethjing like;a=commit;h=3d7b5ef3c92a3e4af656c252d0574f3c9716b69214:38
sepenhmm, in this case I edited it manually14:39
jue.oO that looks rather different than your last paste14:39
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juedon't push that ;)14:40
sepenjue: no no, of course ;D14:41
sepenthere is no hurry, I'm going to research the manual14:41
juefirst, you have to reset yout 2.7 branch to a sane state14:42
sepenjue: with your example you wanted to mean that I should do the same than you?14:42
sepenI mean, this kind of merge commit message should appear to me, right?14:43
jueno, it shows how a usual merge-commit with conflict should look like14:43
sepenah ok14:44
sepenwell I'll try later, my gf is waiting me to dinner14:45
sepenthanks jue14:45
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sepennow seems clean
jueyeah, looks good14:55
sepenIll never do 2.6 commits anymore ;D14:57
juewhy not, git behaves very well in most cases ;)14:59
sepenoops, mailman is twice in shortlog14:59
sepenyeah, I used to use subversion for all, but git rocks15:00
juemy apr update too15:01
juebut that was cherry-picked from 2.7 into 2.615:02
jueI guess you've committed mailman to both branches?15:03
sepenhmm I think I merged it today at morning15:03
sepenbut apr?15:05
sepensame, so cherry-pick is equivalent, right?15:05
sepenanyways both branches are consistent now15:06
juebasically, it just applies a existing commit again15:06
jueand use the original commit message again15:07
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sepenwell, what do you think about to append this to the Development/ContribHowto?15:08
jueI'd suggest to do all devel on 2.7 now and if there are important (=security?) fixes you want to have on 2.6 as well to use cherry-pick15:09
tilmanmakes sense15:09
sepenafter 'Merging branches'15:09
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sepenwell, bll15:10
sepenjue: yeah +115:50
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