IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2010-10-13

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prologicAnyone around ?07:09
prologicI have a weird prt-get issue07:09
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jueprologic: looks like you're not using prt-get 5.18, release 2 but release 1 instead?07:38
jueeither use tha or add a entry like07:46
juePKGMK_COMPRESSION_MODE="gz" to pkgmk.conf07:47
prologicI am using prt-get 5.18-207:48
prologicbut still no go07:48
prologicI'll just edit pkgmk.conf then ?07:48
prologicI don't much care for xz really tbh07:48
juewell, if you are using release 2 it's another issue07:51
prologicyeah well07:52
prologicnot sure how to help you guys fix this07:52
prologicI have the box right here - ssh'able from my home network07:52
juestrange, never heard about a problem like that07:53
prologiccan I help fix it ?07:53
prologicI can even let someone here ssh into it if you wish07:53
jueare you sure that the patch in the port got applied correct?07:54
prologicumm which patch07:54
prologicif you're talking about the printf_regex patch07:55
prologicno, it did not apply correctly against 5.18 source07:55
juethat one:
prologicshoudln't that be part of the 5.18 tarball ?07:56
prologicanyway I'll try to fix this tomorrow07:57
prologicbed time :)07:57
juegood night :)07:57
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jaegerprologic: no idea about prt-get versions there but the versions of the apr package differ08:26
jaegerprologic: I looked at my buffer in #crux and I guess you're having the problem with more than just the apr package?08:35
prologicjaeger, correct08:44
prologicthe problem is with _any_ port installed with prt-get08:44
prologicmanually installing works08:44
prologicbut prt-get is "stuffing up"08:44
prologicg'night :)08:44
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jaegerheyo, jue09:07
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juehi jaeger10:15
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frinnstcurl vulnerabilities11:58
frinnstwe are already at 7.21.211:59
juefrinnst: only windows, dos etc. are affected12:26
jueeverything that uses the '\' as a path separator12:28
frinnstjust noticed the vulnerabilitiy part and then i noticed we already have the new version so i stopped reading :)12:28
juefrinnst: btw, how many downloads do you have for the x86_64 iso?12:30
frinnstno idea12:31
frinnstill look12:31
frinnstaccess_log:66 access_log.2:517 access_log.4:2912:32
juewe have no chance to see that for the 'default' iso, because of our mirrors12:33
juewow, that's a lot :-)12:33
frinnstwell quite a few are multiple get's from the same ip12:34
jueI've regularly looked at our torrent stat page and got the impression that we have far more users than expected ;)12:36
frinnstyeah. when you look at the irc #crux usage only you might be quite fooled12:37
frinnsti suspect only a fraction "take part" in the community12:37
frinnsthow many subscribers are there to the mailinglist?12:37
juehmm, not sure if I have access12:39
juewill try12:39
juesorry, no12:45
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mhi^tilman: git needs 'tk' as dependency due to gitk (which is looking for the wish binary from tk).17:20
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