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tilmanprologic: no, by email01:52
tilmanprologic: you should be able to figure out my address01:52
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mhi^teK_: it seems you're using the cmus display-status script, right? But I have the problem, that it doesn't seem to get triggered, although it's specified in the autosave/rc file.06:25
teK_yes I do06:27
teK_give me a second :)06:27
mhi^Sure :>06:28
teK_I have had problems with this myself06:37
teK_% grep program autosave06:38
teK_set status_display_program=/home/tek/bin/cmus-status-display06:38
mhi^full path, eh?06:38
teK_are you using 32 or 64 bit arch?06:38
teK_maybe, yes06:38
mhi^Ohm... yes :)06:39
mhi^Guess that should have been easy to figure out, but all examples always used a relative path.. hmm. Thanks :)06:40
teK_no problem06:51
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jaegerI remember talking about this ages ago but out of curiosity, why did we skip PPL and Cloog-PPL? Did we decide they didn't offer enough to bother?09:40
juejaeger: IIRC we didn't see any real advantage to bother with the additional libraries see here ->
jaegernot a problem, just wondered... seems like we already use mpc, mpfr, and gmp, so all that would need to be added is ppl and cloog-ppl if I understood properly11:18
juebtw, that was somehow documented in TODO27 ;)11:18
jaeger(I don't need it myself, was just curious)11:18
juegmp, mpfr and mpc are hard dependecies and not optional11:22
jaegerso as I understood it, all that's needed to add to that for graphite loop opt is ppl/cloog-ppl11:23
jaegerno idea on the link-time opt, I didn't loook into that11:23
jaegerer, look11:23
jueyes, that's right, if I remember correct11:24
jaegerI don't do much programming anyway, just wondering :)11:25
juebut, TBH, if we can omit a dep for gcc we should do that, especially if the gain is more or less nothing11:27
jueour biggest upgrade problem with 2.7 are the changed ABI's of gmp and mpfr11:28
juewell, anyway, we've only deferred the addion and will consider again for 2.811:29
jaegerI don't think it's worth bothering, nobody has asked for it that I know11:33
tilmanprologic: done12:51
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