IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2010-10-23

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juefrinnst: thanks for the link, missed that issue04:18
juecan confirm that the exploit works for us ;)04:19
jueand the suggested fix from RH seems to fix it ->
juebut IMO we should wait for Ulrich's review, see his response in the above thread04:22
jueI've added a glibc-port with that patch to my private repo:04:27
juehttpup sync glibc04:28
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juetilman: you've seen the glibc issue?08:08
tilmanyes, buti haven't seen a fix that08:11
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juedo you agree to wait until we get a "official" fix/response from Drepper?08:14
juetilman: ?08:28
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juesorry, I've mixed up the two similar problems a bit, will try to clarify the things:09:41
juethere are two different CVE's wrt glibc and LD_AUDIT09:41
juea) CVE-2010-384709:42
jue-> Ann:
jue-> Fix:
jueb) CVE-2010-385609:42
jue-> Ann:
jue-> Fix:
juelooks like we are not vulnerable to a), see
tilmanoh boy09:42
tilmani hadn't seen the second one yet09:42
jueBut anyway, I've updated the glibc-port in my repo now with both patches09:42
juewell, the second is serious for us, I've been able to get a root shell09:43
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juehmm, that's surprisingly: 125 downloads of the i586' version11:48
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