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juetilman: final 5.0 xz is out, but he changed the soname of liblzma, so we have to rebuild libarchive :(08:12
juetilman: here's the corresponding commit ->
juejust adding a sysmlink dosn't work for me08:14
jaegerwe're not putting core deps in ports still, right?09:04
jaegerthat would be worded better as "We're still not putting core deps in ports, right?" (referring to contrib)09:07
pitillojaeger: do you think it's better to put it in contrib than in opt? is there a reason for that?09:26
jaegerpitillo: honestly I'm not sure there's much difference between contrib and opt but I don't see a compelling reason for it to go in one over the other09:33
jaegerwhat's the proper process for dropping ports these days?09:33
pitillowell, I think there are differences between both collecions, if not, there would be only one. The fact is that if a port can be shared (by some wm for example) my opinion is tu put it in opt and if possible, to be maintained by an opt member.09:35
pitilloopt is more official than contrib, and the amount of ports is the big difference between both collecions ("rules" are more followed in opt than in contrib too)09:36
jaegerwell, considering guile was in the gnome repository for a long time and has not been in opt or contrib, I don't really see a problem with it09:36
pitilloit's fine then, I really don't know if there is something dependent on it outside gnome. It was a bit strange for me to see you maintaining ports in contrib instead of opt (which is the collection used by "strong" members)09:38
jaegerI feel a bit disconnected from crux development, honestly, though I'm trying to get caught up on my ports09:41
pitilloabout dropping ports, I think it could be fine to review if there are dependencies on them and tell about the drops in the ML, to see if other maintainers are interested on adopt some before removing them. I think for opt ports could be fine to addd the resultant (which will be removed) to the orphaned ports page too09:41
jaegerThere's only one I want to drop right now, just because I haven't used it in a few years... teamspeak2-client in contrib09:42
pitilloI don't think you are disconnected from  crux-development really, may be disconnected from port maintenance (the iso job is yours, isn't it?)09:43
pitilloa good port which I haven't used in long time too..09:43
jaegerI suppose so, though I don't know if it's anything official, hehe09:43
pitilloI think there isn't any problem telling about it to the list to see if another contrib member wants to pick it09:44
jaegerI'll do that, then, thanks09:44
pitilloanything official to provide the official iso? I think it is...09:44
pitillonp, thank you too for your work09:45
jaegerI didn't really mean that, I meant that I don't think anyone ever officially said "the ISO is X person's job", I just gravitated towards it09:45
jaegerwhich is fine :)09:45
jaegerthanks, appreciate it09:45
pitilloummmmm, understood (I take sentences in a wrong sense sometimes). I think since 2.1 (when I met CRUX) you were the official iso builder. And we appreciate your work too. It's a pleasure to be able to give thanks to all people working in a project09:55
jaegerFair enough. I enjoy working on it :)10:02
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juejaeger: wrt deps, if a prog links dynamic against a core port you should list it as a dependency, though glibc and gcc are exceptions from this rule10:23
juethat's how it is documented in ->
jaegerjue: ok, thanks10:29
jaegerI should have looked there again, been a while10:30
frinnstjue: any new thoughts on the glibc patch/fix?13:46
pitillojue: dovecot is working fine in 2.6, thank you :)13:55
juefrinnst: no, one of the fedora patches has found its way into the master branch14:33
juebut I'll wait for tilman and his ok before I commit14:35
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