IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2010-10-26

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pitillojaeger: did you solved problems with vbox and guest addons in 2.7?05:18
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jaegerpitillo: not entirely. I got X to start but automatic resizing of the guest window doesn't work properly08:09
pitilloummmm, which host and vbox version?08:10
pitilloI have tested in a windows host and now seems to be working fine. I need to make some tests this afternoon after sepen's review of the new 3.2.10 version port (trying to avoid pam it builds fine, but I need to verify all is working this afternoon at home)08:12
jaegervbox 3.2.10 r66523 on an ubuntu 10.04 host08:12
pitilloI'll verify under a CRUX host this afternoon to see if I get same effect like you in a linux host08:13
pitilloare you using a xorg.conf file in the guest?08:15
jaegeryes, a very simple one that's generated by Xorg -configure08:20
pitillocan you wgetpaste it?08:21
jaegerI'll check if I left it there08:22
pitillolet's see if I can pick the one I'm using here08:22
pitillonot sure if this can help a clue or if it's usefull for you
pitillos/a clue//08:24
jaegerthere's nothing there that's much functionally different08:25
pitillohave you tried forcing modes in the screen section?08:27
jaegerI can set them using vboxmanage controlvm and xrandr no problem, they just don't adjust automatically when the guest is resized08:43
pitillothat scares me... that's far from my knowledge, sorry08:47
jaegerno worries, thanks for trying08:50
jaegerit's a small annoyance, running X apps does work fine08:50
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jueteK_: you remember that mercurial is broken on 2.7?10:21
teK_meh, gonna fix it tonight, thx10:57
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