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sepencan someone take a look of git-to-rsync-working-copy/xfce/2.7?04:28
juesepen: hello05:08
juewhat's the problem with xfce?05:09
sepenjue hi!05:10
sepenwell, I created the xfce's 2.7 branch sometime ago but someone should start the rsync-to-working-copy's stuff05:11
sepenI don't have enough privileges to do it05:11
juedo you know how to do this?05:11
sepenno, I'm not in the infra-team05:11
sepenjue, the problem is that git-to-rsync-working-copy/xfce/2.7 is empty, so no xfce.rsync for 2.7 will be used05:12
jueme neither, but I'll look05:13
sepenafter that will be fixed I'll update our pdbcacher to show up xfce-2.705:13
sepenjue: well, I talked that to tilman, but seems that he's bussy nowadays05:13
sepenjue: there is no hurry, but imho we should create a note with all the stuff to change from release to release05:14
sepeni.e. flyspray, rsync-copies, wiki pages, etc. etc.05:14
sepenevery time a release appears is the same problem05:14
jueyeah, good idea05:14
sepena good place to have that is the infra-team list ;D05:15
sepenbut unfortunatelly only a few of you are in there05:15
juewell, I don't think it's a problem to add you, if you like ;)05:16
sepenI was removed05:16
jueoops, why?05:16
sepenno idea05:17
sepenwell, I don't have a particular reason to be in there, but I don't like to distub anyone to do something05:18
sepenwe are persons not machines ;D05:18
juelooks like we have to bother tilman with the repo-sync stuff, I've no idea how this works05:20
juesepen: good to meet you, I've two other things05:21
juea) I think there went something wrong with the merge of the flash-plugin05:22
jueIIRC you are using the version rpm finally05:23
sepena) no, I think I switched to tarball05:24
sepenbut I'll take a look05:24
sepen10.1.85.3 -> install_flash_player_10_linux.tar.gz05:25
sepenjue: where did you see it?05:26
sepen(sorry I should use tinyurl next time)05:27
jueand with the next commit you switched back to the tar.gz?05:28
sepenthe diff you paste was in Sat, 18 Sep 2010 09:17:3105:28
jueIMO the advantage of using the rpm is that it has a proper version05:28
sepenim Thu, 7 Oct 2010 17:39:20 I switched to tar.gz05:28
sepenahhh I understand you now05:28
jueyeah, but my impression was, that the swith-back was a wrong merge 2.7->2.705:29
sepenanyways I could fix it again, no?05:29
sepenmaybe I should make a new commit a switch to rpms again05:30
sepenlater cherrypick it to 2.605:30
sepenthat would be ok, right?05:30
jueno, don't merge it to 2.6, not sure if the rpm stuff works there05:30
sepenyeah, you're right05:31
sepenlibarchive only worked in 2.7 for rpms05:31
juepoint b) is pkg-get05:31
jueI've talked to Simone05:32
juehe suggested that someone else should do the further maintainance of pgk-get05:32
jueI thought it might be a good idea to ask you?05:33
jueyou are the maintainer of the port anyway, so ...05:33
sepenyeah, I'm interested on it, so pkg-get is a great tool which pitillo and me are using in CRUX-ARM too05:34
sepenjue: anyways and imho you should talk that with tilman05:34
jueyeah, will do, but now I have the infos I need for that ;)05:35
sepenjue: what about patches of new requested features, like someone explained about rsync support, or etc. etc.?05:36
sepenshould I ask to Simone, or to the team?05:36
juewell, if you are the new maintainer it's your decision05:36
sepenok, anyways I like to share decisions05:37
sepenI like pkg-get as it is, and my main objective is to have it working nowadays, but if a good feature could be added well I should not be opossite to that05:38
sepena) I'll try to save sometime at office to do it05:39
sepenb) I'm agree05:39
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tilmansepen: what's up?13:45
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