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prologicAnyone feel like helping me fix this prt-get issue that I've reported before22:56
jaegerwhich one is it?22:57
prologicThe issue where prt-get gets confused about the resulting package23:01
prologicand doesn't respect the "release" information23:01
prologicit always tries to pkgadd foo#x.y-1.tar.gz23:02
prologiceven if the version is x.y-2 for example23:02
jaegerI remember now23:02
prologicI'm happy to let you ssh into this as root if you give me your pub key23:02
prologicsee if you can work it out quicker than a blind man :)23:02
jaegerhave you tried to rebuild it and pkgutils from scratch?23:02
jaegergive me a few23:02
prologicI think it's only a prt-get issue tbh23:03
prologicpkgutils is functioning as it should23:03
prologicit's just an "annoying" thing atm because it makes a prt-get depinst hard23:03
prologicyou have to stop and pkgadd the file manually then continue with the previous prt-get depinst23:03
jaegerok, back now23:08
jaegerprivmsg ok?23:08
prologicshould be able to get in23:13
prologicssh -p 2222
prologicI want to install the gnome de on this box23:13
prologicso go ahead and try to depinst that23:13
prologicyou should very quickly run into the issue I'm having with prt-get23:14
jaegerusing a 'gnome' metaport?23:14
prologicI'm configuring openldap so you won't interrupt/conflict with what I'm doing :)23:14
prologicyeah I'm using your gnome.rsync repo23:14
prologichope it all works :)23:14
prologicneed some kind of decent gui on there23:14
prologicthen need a decent ldap admin gui as well23:14
jaegerthat's pretty out of date, feel free to send patches/updates. I'm working on it in my spare time but that hasn't been much lately23:14
jaegerthe SSD in my build box died23:15
jaegerwell, hal-info installed without any trouble23:15
prologicwell we'll try to install gnome anyway :)23:15
jaegerI'll let it continue a bit23:15
prologicthat's because hal-info has a relase value of 123:15
prologicanything with a non-1 release value won't work23:15
jaegerwouldn't it try to do -0 then?23:16
prologicany software whoose release is >1 fails23:16
prologicprt-get tries to add the wrong thing23:16
jaeger=======> Building '/usr/ports/opt/libgpg-error/libgpg-error#1.9-2.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.23:16
jaegerprt-get: installing libgpg-error 1.9-223:16
jaegerprt-get: installing /usr/ports/gnome/libtasn123:16
jaegerit failed on libtasn1 due to a 404 but no add errors so far. I'll keep going23:17
jaegerinteresting, glib1 fails with a problem related to the MACHTYPE23:22
prologicyeah this is a 64bit quad core23:22
prologica Dell 32023:22
prologicit screams :)23:22
jaegerchecking host system type... Invalid configuration `x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu': machine `x86_64-unknown' not recognized23:22
jaegerchecking build system type... Invalid configuration `x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu': machine `x86_64-unknown' not recognized23:22
jaegerno idea what the deal is with that23:23
prologicI haven't the slightest idea how to fix that :)23:25
prologicbut if you can help - I'l owe ya one :)23:25
jaegerpoking around a bit23:26
jaegerhey, I have an idea. I'm gonna install screen so you can watch what I do23:28
jaegerif you want to23:28
jaegerscreen -x should get you connected23:28
jaegerI fixed the glib1 port temporarily by using the config.guess and config.sub from binutils, figuring they were newer23:31
jaegerleft the edited version in /root/glib123:31
prologiccool :)23:33
prologicI have to go in a few mins though23:34
prologicmy colleague is picking me up - we're going to where the server is physically23:34
prologicto test openldap/samba/atmail23:34
prologicand get gnome working too :)23:34
jaegerwell, so far I'm not seeing prt-get issues23:35
prologicme neither23:35
prologicwhich is weird :)23:35
prologicmaybe it got fixed :)23:35
prologicI did use a suggestion of the folliwng in /etc/pkgmk.conf23:35
jaegerdo you do anything different with it normally? execute it via sudo or with fakeroot or anything else?23:35
prologicI do normally have an alias - yes23:36
jaegerwhat's your alias?23:36
prologicalias prt-get="sudo prt-get --cache"23:36
jaegermind if I remove or change the compression mode to test it?23:36
prologicsure thing23:36
prologicand try out my alias I normally use23:36
prologicI normally do that because often you need root priveleges to install/update things23:36
prologicand I often run prt-get as a normal user (me)23:37
prologicand --cache because it's faster to search a cache :)23:37
jaegerhrmm, didn't know that. I bet the cache is your problem23:38
jaegeralthough undefining PKGMK_COMPRESSION_MODE causes problems23:38
jaegerwe should probably fix that if it's not fixed in 2.723:38
jaegerok, looks like that version of pkgutils didn't support xz23:40
jaegerI can't remember when that got added, heh23:40
jaegerIf you're still here I've got an idea about the cache thing. I'll test it23:40
prologicplease do23:41
prologicand yes I'm still here23:41
prologicand yes the xz support is not in CRUX 2.6 for pkgutils23:41
prologicbut it seems to be there for prt-get23:41
prologicwhich is bad :)23:41
prologicpkgutils for CRUX 2.6 should be updated and the functionality backported23:41
jaegersee that last bit of output?23:42
jaegerin screen?23:42
jaegerI created the prt-get cache and then edited the release in htop23:42
jaeger(then I didn't update the prt-get cache)23:42
jaegerare you updating the cache EVERY time the ports tree gets updated?23:43
prologicnormally di :23:45
prologicports -u && prt-get cache23:45
prologicbut maybe this isn't the right way to do it23:45
prologicsince prt-get is an alias to prt-get --cache23:45
jaegerI'm pretty sure that's the problem since I haven't seen it fail yet23:45
prologicand maybe prt-get is getting confused23:45
jaegerhaha, I bet it is23:45
jaegerusing the cache to create the new cache23:45
prologicmabye I need to:23:45
jaegerthat would be pretty retarded but funny23:45
prologicports -u && /usr/bin/prt-get cache23:45
prologicbypassing the alias23:45
jaegeryeah, seems likely23:46
prologicwell I've never had a problem with it till now :)23:46
jaegerWell, I'm gonna leave it alone, if you run into it again I'll take another look23:47
prologicyeah it seems to be fine now23:49
prologicit might be a combination of two things23:49
prologica cache issue23:49
prologicand pkgutils not supporting xz23:49
jaegerI don't think the compression mode is the culprit here because when set it xz it doesn't change the version or release number23:49
jaegerit fails to find the package23:49
jaegerbecause the .gz version was created23:49
jaegerand if it's undefined, it just chops the extension23:49
jaegerso you get pkg.tar instead of pkg.tar.gz23:50
jaegerstill the correct version-release23:50
jaegerI believe --cache is the problem here but not 100% sure23:50
prologicappreciate the help :)23:54
jaegerno problem :)23:55
jaegerjust let me know if it pops up again23:55
jaegerwoot, fixed my keyboard issue in ubuntu23:57
jaegerthe devs did something dumb with bluetooth in 10.0423:58

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